Necromunda : Goliath Zerker & Slaver Entourage also on pre orders

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Hello everyone !!!!

House of Chains and the Goliath goes on pre-orders at GW today :

But Forge world also released a new model the ZERKER !!

House of Chains Content

Inside this book, you will find:
- House Goliath History and Background: an expansive and extensive background on the House Goliath, includes a timeline of the development of House Goliath over three millennia.
- House Goliath Gang List: includes all the rules you need to know in order to field a Goliath Gang in games of Necromunda.
- Hangers-on and Brutes: includes rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes, including Goliath-specific ones, for your Gang.
- Hired Guns: includes rules for using Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.
- Strong Alliances: includes rules for using and forming alliances with three other organisations within Necromunda that House Goliath has connections with, including the Slave Guild, the Narco Guild and House Greim – the Noble House that backs Goliath.
- Additional Rules: this section includes new and additional rules usable by House Goliath gangs in games of Necromunda, providing Goliath players a variety of new options, including Skills, Abilities, Gang-specific terrain.
- Slave Ogryn Gang History and Background, and Gang List: contains a brief background section on the Slave Ogryn Gang, along with all the rules required to field a Slave Ogryn Gang.
- Weapon Reference Chart: contains a comprehensive weapons reference chart for all weapons and wargear available to House Goliath and their Allies.
- House Goliath Gang Tactics: contains a D66 table of Goliath Gang Tactics for use in Scenarios.
- Dramatis Personae: includes rules for hiring and using six brand new Dramatis Personae characters in your games of Necromunda.

The Contents page from the pre-order page is really blurry but there is a lot of stuff !

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Warhammer 40000 : 4 Reasons why Imperial Guard need the Greater Good ! (IG review)

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Hello everyone !!!

Time to conclude this Psychic Awakening week with: 4 reasons you need the Greater Good with the Astra Militarum ^^

1 Tempestus Detachment rules !

Tempestus Detachment is the biggest incentive to get Greater good. Tempetus are now a real full fledged force in the codex. This Psychic Awakening chapter Bring them lot of good rules and stratagems. They are now strong options for the Astra Militarum in general.

Let see why !

6 new regimental doctrines.

6 new doctrines to choose from when selecting Tempestus unit. The doctrines were already revealed by gw but still, let's take a look at them (one).

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Crack shots! hot-shot guns getting +6'' range to 24". That means rapid-fire up to 12" while the Deep strike is more than 9". You can even buff them to rapid-fire 2 with the order. 40 hotshots attack for 10 Tempestus Scions (90pts) and 1 order from a Tempestus Prime.

Note: Tempestus prime gives 2 orders per shooting phases so it's a good idea to drop 2 squads of 10 scions with a prime (230pts) for 80 shots !!!!!!! That some serious Dakka don't you think ?

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000


Currently, Tempestus don't have enough stratagems...That's going to change with some excellent additions

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Precision drop: Drop 12 Scions from a Valkyrie without risk and within 5" of the enemy. Neat! Imagine one Valkyrie, up to 12 melta, dropping 5'' from that annoying knight, kaboom !!! (276 pts full kit and wreak a knight costing twice !).
If you bring a Tempestus Prime you also can use Elimination Protocol order to reroll wounds! (Prime can drop behind the scions with normal chutes rules as you just need to be within 6" )

note: Eagle is a good regiment for this strat too with +1 to shoot when disembarking.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Daring Descent: Another drop within 5'' stratagems but reserved to Gorgonnes Regiment and it's only one unit. Still, it's possible to have a patrol Detachment and drop one unit in a hot zone for a double-tap + charge.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Point Blank: New bread and butter stratagem, At half-range, hot shots weapon are strength + 1

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Killing Zone: +1 to wounds against one enemy unit that already lost one model this phase. complement perfectly Point Blank Stratagem in a double drop situation.

The drop you should do: Take 20 Tempestus Scions in 2 units (180pts), one Tempetus Prime (40), select Crack Shot doctrine. Drop Double shots both unit with First rank fire. First unit shoot with Point blank stratagem, then second benefit from Killing zone bringing the whole 80 shots to 4+ to wounds against Space Marines

These 4 stratagems are going to change a lot of games for the Tempestus and the Imperial Guard as a whole!

full list :
astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Warlord trait.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Iotan Dragon trait is awesome ! remove cover against shooting. Also the trait is used during shooting phase so the timing is perfect for deep strike insertion and double-tap.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

A second good option is: Lambdan Lions, reroll 1 withing 6 is perfect for plasma spam & deep strike! (considering that lion Regiment Doctrine is extra -1 ap). It utilises the same plan but this time you optimise the plasma damage as you can't double-tap with las gun. Both squads with 4 plasma guns, warlord grant reroll 1 to hit, order grant rerolls 1 to wounds (or all wounds vs monster and armour), Supercharge shot, for 8 shots with S8 PA -4 dmg 2 per squad (rerolling one on both rolls ! ) should wreck a lot of Primaris squads! (+44 points per squad for the plasma)

note: extra Warlord trait with stratagems. Yes even if your main detachment is Regular Astra Millitarum, you can get a warlord trait for your Tempestus Prime.
astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000


astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

5++ aura within 6 for Lambdan lions
Pistol 3 plasma pistol for Iotans Dragons (they get all the good stuff !!)

With all these Tempestus Scions buff this is the book you need.
There so many good combos for them now !!!! Hype to the max!

2 Custom Regiment

Back to the canon fooders^^

If you are bored with the 6 regular regiments. The Greater Good presents rules to make a custom one. A list of 12 options, you select 2 as usual. A few choices are very good and open new styles.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Gunnery Experts: The first one has a weird wording, but with it you can re-roll the numbers of shots. While you can reroll only one dice, it' still very good on most 2d6 or 3d6 weapons.

Also, TITANIC keyword is NOT excluded if you don't take them in an auxiliary (why would you). Baneblades have 3d6 shots weapons !!! The Simple but reliable and sturdy Leman Russ can get 2 X 1d6 shot and you can reroll both of them! That's awesome !!

Manticore is 2d6 shot with one dice reroll. Always rerolling the lower roll bring a 52% to have 9 shots ! and chance of having less than 4 shot are less than 5%. Manticore is S10 ap2 1d3 Dmg (only 4 shots per battle)

A Basilic already rolls 2 dices and keep the best, but if you can reroll the lowest it's a great stability fix.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Disciplined shooter is awesome too, plasma double taping from 18" after moving is serious stuff ^^

Jurry rigged is a nice auto repair is you plan to spam Tanks

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
Wilderness survivor is free cover save to all's a good combo with Disciplined shooter as you just want to walk+shoot. It's quite good with bodies spam + Plasma gun!

rest is ok, check the list if you want.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

3 Tank aces

Why giving a Warlord trait to a puny human when your tank can get a 2+ save ? Instead of a Warlord trait, you can choose a Tank ace.

3 lists: one for Leman Russ, one for missiles and Artillerie support and one useless for SuperHeavy

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Leman Russ list is awesome, you need this Up-armoured commander! In the end, except steel commander and Armoured Rush, the other four are good choices!

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Support Aces: 2 abilities increase damage output and this is what you need. If you already have the reroll on the number of shot from the Doctrine, you can take DMG3 on a manticore !! if not, well stocked magazine is a good traits

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
Super Heavy : hmm nope ..sorry.

If you want an extra Tank Ace use this Stratagem :
astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

4 Astra Militarum new stratagems

Do you need more Tanks Stratagem? Psychic Awakening got you covered.
Like all Stratagems in the Psychic awakening series, you get a menu of specialised Stratagems. Strongs but limited in scopes to affect only one unit and of a certain type.

the ones worth your time are: Relentless, Direct Onslaught, experienced eyes, hail of fire, Focused Bombardement.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Relentless help when your Leman Russ is nearly terminated, and you need it at full capacity!

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000

Direct Onslaught is great for the Manticore combo for 2D6 shots with reroll, hitting on 3+ with Damage 3 with aces support and strength 10

Experienced eyes : extra 1 AP for plasma spam by Veteran, very good with the 18" double table doctrine.

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
Hail of fire : 2cp is expensive but if you need the max number of shots on both shot that' good !

astra militarum rules in the greater good review warhammer 40000
Focused bombardment: affect the Master of Ordnance and as you have one anyway it can be usefull!

That's it. Here are your 4 reasons why you need greater good !!
I am a big fan of the new Tempestus Options, also it look like the Manticore are viable now (but i am biased i love the model !!)


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More Slave Ogryns

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Howdy guys and girls :)

Some more chonky boys - confirmed to be plastic! Can't wait to get my hands on the kit (and also use it to convert some gang specific ogryns!).

Lady Atia

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Warhammer 40000 Animated : Empire, Chaos and Heresy !

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Hello everyone !!

A few week back GW revealed the teaser of Angels of Death . Today more info come our ways !

Helmed by the talented creatives who make up the Storyforge team, this new endeavour promises to be a treat for fans of the Dark Millennium. Word on the street is the first episode is penned by none other than Andy Smillie, the Black Library author who has left a blood-spattered trail of Flesh Tearers fiction in his wake. Sure, it might be an animation, but if the tidbits we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, you can expect all the visceral action* that is the hallmark of Warhammer 40,000!

Name is not official yet.

From what i know they want to do something like "Love, Death and Robot" for 40k...If you don't know what that is check the trailer here :

it's Animated Short for mature audience made by netflix and produced by and miller Fincher...some stories are very good some other are ok-ish. The Yogurt overlord is simply genius ^^

Now back to GW! It's a good idea to get inspired by Netflix, but I am afraid the budgets are not going to be even comparable ^^ So maybe they do it with old school drawing instead of CGI

Still it's always good news to see the Franchise expand!


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House of Chains : Ogryns Gangs for Necromunda !!

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Small thumb houseofchainorgre

Hello everyone !!!

House of Chains is a Must Buy in the end...
Even if you don't play Goliath, you want this book. Ogryn Gangs are inside and their models are AWESOME !!! The amount of possibilities is immense.

ogryn gangs necromunda house of chains

Ogryn gang have few models but Ogryns have some serious stats !!

ogryn gangs necromunda house of chains
ogryn gangs necromunda house of chains
ogryn gangs necromunda house of chains
ogryn gangs necromunda house of chains

he rules for fielding a Slave Ogryn gang can be found in House of Chains, which is available to pre-order from Saturday, and the ‘Jotunn’ H-Grade Servitor Ogryns miniatures will be released later this year. In the meantime, grab a Palanite Subjugator Patrol so that you’re ready to put down those dissident Ogryns.

Models not ready ?? fuck !!!


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Age Of Sigmar : Kharadron And TZEENTCH small update

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Hello everyone !!

Small but important update for Tzeentch and Kharadron!

Disciple of Tzeentch

The Destiny Dice used during a morale test count as unmodified. That means you can use a 1 from a Destiny dice on a Pink Horror unit morale test including an Icon Bearer. Yes you pass and gain 1d6 Pink Horrors !!

Disciples of Tzeentch was already very strong but now you get a perfect way to recycle those 1 ^^

Kharadron Overlord

can you start the game in garrison?

Q: When I set up a Skyvessel before the battle begins, can I
set up units in its garrison?

A: If the unit is part of the same battalion as the
Skyvessel, it can be set up as part of the Skyvessel’s
garrison at the same time the Skyvessel is set up.

If the unit is not part of the same battalion as the Skyvessel,
the Skyvessel must be set up first, and the unit can be
added to its garrison when you are allowed to set up that
unit before the battle begins.

1) So if you are from the same Battalion you can start the game in garrison and you deploy everything at the same time as usual with Warscroll Battalion!

2) If you are not from the Same battalion, you can start the game in garrison if the vessel was already deployed.

Errata Download

Disciple of Tzeentch ERRATA
Disciple of Tzeentch Q/A

Kharadron Errata
Kharadron Q/A


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Necromunda : House of Chains preview and 2020 Road map

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Small thumb house of chains book necromunda

Hello everyone !!!

Introduction :

Next weekend House of chains goes on pre-order. It's a 160 pages, new sort of book for Necromunda. Close to a Warhammer 40000 army codex. The book includes all the present Goliath house rules, New types of fighters. Lot's of customisation rules and options and a very large fluff section.
Accompanying the Houses of Chain release are Plastics models for new profile provided by the book. Resins models made by Forge Worlds for alliance options.
Lastly, We also learn the 4 Houses codexes are being released this year.

House of Chains

This is a real Goliath Codex with everything you expect to find inside a Warhammer 40000 codex.

Background :

Background Stories presenting the House Goliath, the Hierarchie from the Over Tyrant to the Juvie, the different income source and industries, territories and some famous crew!

Goliath over Tyrant

Lovely artwork !! I'll hope we will learn new info on the Goliath and their place in the Hive Primus ecosystem.

New models :

New Plastic Models are also coming with the codex. Goliath get at least 2 new fighters: Forge Born (prospect) and Stimmer (Champion)

House of chains preview

Models were already revealed some time ago. IMO, They look cool but the painting makes them a bit bland.

House of chains preview

They are upgraded Juvies with +1T and +2CI and use specific weapons like the Storm Welder

House of chains preview

Not a fan of Forge Born getting specific ranged weapons, why ganger can't use them ? or Champion? It feels artificial ...

The second new fighter is the STIMMER, a Goliath specific Champion. They look gigantics on the pics and get a STIM PACK rule named Combat Chems Stash. Use it to Increase their numbers of attack (+1d3 attacks but on a roll of 1 it's a bad reaction and you make only one attack)

New rules by the dozens

If House of Chains is a new codex, it's expected to have quite the number of extra rules to convince player buying it ^^ To be fair it looks well furnished and that should do the trick (at least with me ^^) :

Goliath gets a New specific hanger-on. "The pit trainer" , Train your Fighters between battles, but at a risk! on a 2+ it's fine you get a new random skill for the battle but on a 1 the fighter miss the battle and get a lasting wound :(...

House of chains preview

Exploring the birth of Goliath, we learn babies are usually growth in Vat but you also get the option to Upgrade them to Natural birth or Outsider. Vatborn, Natborn and Unborn fighters can all take different Gene-smithed upgrades that increase both their characteristics and credit cost.
ie: Take Dermal Hardening for a Vatborn and give him +1 Toughness !!!!

House of chains preview

Wow starting with T5 is big! I am excited to try all these options !!

Another novelty is a Goliath Specific Skill list: MUSCLE! As you expect it's a specific set of skill reserved to the Goliath gang that focus on being a moutain of muscle ^^

House of chains preview


Goliath gangs can ally with the Slave Guild or Greim noble house. If you chose Slave Guild you get access to new models !! Available are: Chain Lord, Shaklemen and Pit Fighters

House of chains preview

Wow, amazing models !! the Chain lord is very very cool. The spirit of Blanche is strong in this one ^^

Another year of Rule bloat?

So yes, it's another series of book that you need/want to buy. Off course it's sucks if you started in Season 1 and have already everything. But right now you "only" need the Rules book and the book of gangs to play (i mean in term of books not all the other stuff like models and scenery) It's not that much when you think about it.
This year it's 4 codexes specific book. One for each House, so you don't need all of them. I hope, what happens if all the Houses can ally with Slaver guild? Or Noble house Greim ?
Also don't expect them to compile all codex into one, each House book is 160 pages.

House of chains preview

The year 2020 in details :

House of chains preview

4 Books are coming, I would have prefered the 6 main houses done in a shorter time but heh it's Forge Worlds ^^. If each release is like House of Chains it's going to be a good year. Plastics models as main fighters, Resins models as /allied/Noblehouse and a bunch of rules to customise the gangs.
They didn't reveal any Spyrer info, but in the preview article, the Goliath have the option to ally the Noble house Greim or the Slaver guild. Maybe house Greim add a spryer option?

I am fed up recently with the Book Spam in GW games. But the direction took by Necromunda this year, make sense. One codex and plenty of new models each time, I just hope that between each codex we are not getting an extra book with some random rules...

What is your take on this Necromunda Roadmap? Happy or not ?


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Warhammer Rumour !

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Small thumb 1e8232b9

Hello everyone !!

A tree ? a small tree on a stone ?

Obviously the new Giant Army :D

What's your take ?


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Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower !! the mobile video game

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Small thumb 84746437 904478703315984 4696673078933979136 n

Hello everyone !!

Silver Tower Video games announced! Perchang the studio behind Warhammer Quest I & II is doing it.

Biggest project they ever made, in development for a few years.

Hack and Slash into the Silver Tower using your Favorite Age of Sigmar Heroes.

video trailer :


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Age of Sigmar : The Lumineth , Vanari Auralan Wardens

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Small thumb d9cb0dce  1

Hello everyone !!!

New info on the Lumineth :
- Lumineth Archer are the Auralan Sentinels
- Mage units are expected and should "Bombard" with spell !

Auralan Wardens are the mainstay of the Lumineth battleline.

Each of the Auralan Wardens carries a short sword strapped to their backs. Though not designed to be their primary weapons, these blades would be drawn for self-defence should an enemy get inside their reach.

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