Army building tools for age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40000 (warscroll builder)

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Hello everyone !!

For a Long time, I wanted to make a post about the different Army builder for Warhammer 40000 and Age of Sigmar that I like ( and recommend to use. )

Without much more introduction let's take a look at our different options for AOS and then Warhammer 40000.

army builder aos

List building in the Age of Sigmar is fast and easy so the Warscroll builder needed is relatively simple.
Still, list building got heavier with all the new options from the V2 like Realms, Endless Spells and relics.

My 2 favourites army builder aos : Warscroll Builder and Battlescribe

Warcroll Builder

Let's start with the official tool : Hosted on Warhammer community : Warscroll Builder . This is one of the First Army builders for AOS. At first, it was independent but Games Workshop made a deal with Tony.p and included the Warscroll Builder in the Community website.

army builder aos

Warscroll Builder is a very nice tool: Handle all 4 grand alliances, all the Keywords (Allegiance), Mortal realm of origin, All factions and Legacy one.
Include endless spells, Battalions, count of the Commands Points available, full list of trait & relics, Toggle automatically units to Battleline when allowed, allied and up to 3000 points.
Also, the App allows to save, load, Save to PDF with units stats printed and you can even add notes before saving! And all this Without even creating an account or registering something.

The only thing missing is a Social Media / Forum share or at least a linking list feature.


warscroll builder

Battlescribe is not an online web App it's a good old program that you can install. once installed you have to Download the differents Gamefile you need. Now it's also available on IOS and ANDROID (but I never tested it yet).

To add data :

To get started you have to add games system to the program (like the old Army Builder if you remember).
warscroll builder

File > Data repositories > add data > and choose the data you need

army builder 40k

Then Click yes and it will load all the file and you can then start list building.

New Roster > + Add > then choose all the thing you want to start a new army. if need help!

Pros ans Cons

Battlescribe is harder to use than Warscroll builder but the learning curve is fast and you can use it on many sorts of game systems, not only Games Workshop. Pro version sync with your google account and cost 3€ a year.

You get all the building options Warscroll builder have +: Most of the stats, Command Abilities and other rules integrated inside. Prints and exports options are super good too as you can print your army with all the relevant rules added.

In a nutshell, Battlescribe is a more complete tool but maybe you don't always need it for AOS and can use Warscroll Builder.

Warhammer 40000 & Kill Team

Warhammer 40000 v8 started easy and light...This is the past !!! Right now there are 2 good tools that I like to build list: HQ-builder and Battlescribe!


army builder 40k

Is an online army builder for Warhammer 40 000 and Kill-team you can access it at
You need to Create an account to use it but once you have it's really intuitive and Fast. I started using it recently but it has a good user experience.

Works with kill team but only have a limited number of Roster available :/

Battlescribe for Warhammer 40k and Kill team

army builder 40k

Warhammer 40k

As for AOS Battlescribe works very well with Warhammer 40000. the way the army builder is organised you can add different detachments and edit/remove them at will. You have all the Rules/CP/Validation in real time

My Favorite function is still Printing a list with all the little rules that you always forget how they work ^^ I don't know how you can play 40k right now without this army builder. ^^

Kill Team with scribs

Another game that started with easy list making rules but now really needs an army builder. Scribs is perfect for KillTeam as you can add LVL to your specialist easily and it include everything (99%)

Hope that's selection help with you a little :D

If you have a suggestion on what to use to build a list, post in the comment section I'll edit the post.

Ps: I'll try to save this one so you can access it easily;

ps 2 : Don't forget that Battlescribe source are not official and can contain errors, don't forget to Bring codex and check rules when playing.


created : 7 days ago

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Forge World Previews: Blood bowl Halflings and Necromunda heroes

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Hello again everyone !!

Next week on Pre orders

Halflings Blood Bowl Team

At last Halflings are getting new models and new positionnal !!!! this is such a good news.

Models are awesome !! Tokens are even better, maybe i get the team just to use the tokens :D


created : 8 days ago

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar pre-orders and Warscrolls

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Small thumb forbidencover

Hello everyone !!!

It's Saturday and pre-orders are up (or soon if you are in the states). Forbidden power is pre-order, as well as the new Scenery range Dominion of Sigmar. Check out the Warscrolls for everything down there.

Shattered Dominion of Sigmar Collection : Big combo of board + Scenery

Soul Wars: Forbidden Power

Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais

Dominion of Sigmar: Shattered Temple

Dominion of Sigmar: Timeworn Ruins

Dominion of Sigmar: The Enduring Stormvault

Forbidden Power Warscroll Cards

created : 8 days ago

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power: The Scenery

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Small thumb aosfpscenery may17 opener10hjc

Hello everyone !!

Warhammer tv team just revealed more info about the Penumbral engines and the Enduring Stormvault .

Following Forbidden Power rules,
-All Age of Sigmar armies get to add a Penumbral Engine.
-At the star of the game you roll one dice for all Penumbral Engines on the battlefield to select the power they have. The Corrupted by Sigmar version or The Original Teclis intent ^^

warhammer age of sigmar penunbral engines rules

created : 9 days ago

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Forgeworld pre orders: White scars Leviathan Dreadnought & White scars Legion Praetor

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Small thumb wslevi

Hello again everyone !!!

It's Friday the pre orders day for forge world. Today it's for warhammer horus heresy with White scars getting new models.

First : White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought is up on pre order on the Forge world website. Price is 76£ with weapons and 50£ without. Weapons in the kit are : Siege Claw and Storm Cannon.

It's a very cool Leviathan Dreadnought and the White Scars markings fit nicely . Also you can use him in Warhammer 40 000 as the leviathan Dreadnought profile exist.

Rules for Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts can be found in The Horus Heresy – Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List book, while the White Scars Legion rules are found in the Horus Heresy Book Eight – Malevolence.
Warhammer 40 000 leviathan dreadnought rules are in Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes.

White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought forgeworld

White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought forgeworld

White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought forgeworld

White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought forgeworld

White Scars Leviathan Dreadnought forgeworld

Pre orders links


created : 9 days ago

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Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur on Forgeworld

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Small thumb crabmino

Hello everyone !!

This Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur was an exclusive model during Warhammer Fest (or so i thought).
But you can Order it on the Forgeworld website. Honestly it's a very cool model for Blood bowl. Only available online until June 29th, this model may take up to 35 days to dispatch.

I think i am going to take 2 ^^, one for blood bowl and one for age of sigmar and include him in my Warherd army (Beast of chaos Battletome)

links to order :

Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur US 31$
Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur UK 20£
Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur EU 25€


created : 9 days ago

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Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra new Website

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Hello again everyone !!

As you know this week is the beginning of the end in the horus heresy era; Siege of Terra starts with the book "The Solar War" by John French.

Siege of Terra

Is the series of 8 book concluding the Horus heresy. Imagine it's been thirteen Years !!! since Horus Rising by Abnet. Still mad that Loken didn't had a Power Sword ^^ But now it's the conclusion of the Biggest Saga Eveeeeeeeer wrote (54 books) .
8 Books is all that is left. I hope it goes better than Got S8 ^^

Siege of Terra website

your guide to this new series. It has an overview of the horus heresu setting, profiles of the authors and a look at The Solar War, complete with a summary of the story and profiles of several major characters. The site will be updated as each new book is released, making it the ultimate resource for everyone interested in this legendary saga. Check it out now!

There is an awesome Solar Map on the site !!!! go check it out.

Book One : The Solar War

After years of devastating war, Horus and his forces have arrived at Terra. But before they can set foot on the Throneworld, they must first break the defences of the Solar System. Powerful fleets and cunning defences bar their path – but can anything hope to halt the advance of the Traitor armada?

The Solar War is the first of the eight novels in the Siege of Terra. It charts the fortunes of Horus’ forces as they begin their assault on the defences that the protectors of the Solar System have put in place to defend mankind’s home world.


created : 10 days ago

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Warhammer Chaosbane, Dark Future and GW Steam Sale!

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Hello everyone !!!

Huge pack of news on the Games Workshop Licencing games front.

From Twitch :

Warhammer Online Underworld :
-Pre alpha build
-Team super focused on getting every mechanism right in game and out game
-Lot of works done on the ambiance. It's hard work but super interesting to transform 2D warhammer underworld to 3D Video Games.
-Bot : exist for testing purpose.
-Very cool visuals on spells effects
-All universal cards will be available if you buy the game. No pay to win.
-Cards restricted to specific warbands are behind pay wall DLC. So If you buy a warband you get said cards but if you don’t you still have all universals.
-Comments from tester are Great for now
-Lot of environment / terrain visual are going to improve and rotate after board placement.
-Starting warband : Steelhear vs Magore. + 2 free warbands (still secrets.)
-Release order is different than IRL so different meta step.
-Only PC for now but it’s up to the Team to expand (Mobile or console)

Warhammer Champion :

-Tzeentch and Goblin warbands are getting released at Salute. (not 100% it's at salute)
-Official release after.

Mechanicus :

-Big presence a Warhammer Fest
-Augment update : respond to ppl asking for mods and customisation. Allow you to control a lot more your game. Free DLC, going live today.
-Heretek DLC : Big Mechanicus expension is coming, can already wish list, 5 new missions, enemy and items. Story written by Ben counter.

Talisman :
Today on steam talisman Origin : Single player Talisman + Narrative.
Ancient beast expansion is going on steam today as well

Dark Future !!!

The super old dark future one of the first GW games is getting released on video game
-available on steam
-Single player
-Fight happen like in real time 3d rpg (baldur gate) + pause.
-Look fast paced but a bit cheap.
-Everyone on TV team enjoyed it. So maybe it’s good (25 % discount today)
-Cool garage menu with lot of customisation option.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

-Not rdy yet but if you pre order now you get some free stuff (Hud layout, emote, unique items)
-Look very promising.
-Warhammer Chaosbane could be the ARPG we derserve !! (at last )

Skulls for the Skull Throne 3: Chaos Comes to Digital Gaming

From now to Monday 20th may, lots of discount on steam

A wide variety of developers and publishers are taking part, so no matter what PC games you play, you’re sure to find something for you. Many of them will also be live-streaming on Steam and Twitch, and there are bound to be some surprises in store. Check out the Skulls for the Skull Throne Steam page for more information, and read on to discover some of our favourite new content.

33% on Totalwar is cool


created : 10 days ago

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Wrath and Glory Roleplay - Press Release

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Cubicle 7 to publish Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying!!

Games Workshop is pleased to announce that award-winning publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment is to produce Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying games.

Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall said, ”Warhammer 40K is a huge chunk of our gamer DNA so we are all incredibly excited to build on the long legacy of 40K RPGs. I’ve been a 40K fanatic since the first edition, so I am absolutely delighted to bring our brand of roleplaying to this amazing setting.”

The initial range of products will be a revised reprint of the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook and an extensive range of supplements covering exciting new areas, as well as revisiting beloved old favourites. Cubicle 7 hope that their track record of producing beautiful and immersive licensed games that capture the feel of their settings – including Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – will appeal to Warhammer 40K gamers old and new.

Cubicle 7 is working with Ulisses’ Wrath & Glory design team to deliver the titles already planned for the game. Ulisses will continue to publish the German language edition of Wrath & Glory, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar roleplaying games, in partnership with Cubicle 7.

Cubicle 7’s new license comes on the back of a year of enormous growth for the company, with a huge increase in staffing and capability to deliver its range of best-selling game lines.…/

About Games Workshop
Games Workshop® Group PLC (LSE:GAW.L), based in Nottingham, UK, produces the best fantasy miniatures in the world. Games Workshop designs, manufactures, retails, and distributes its range of Warhammer®: Age of Sigmar® and Warhammer® 40,000® games, miniature soldiers, novels and model kits through more than 500 of its own stores (branded Games Workshop® or Warhammer®), the store and independent retail channels in more than 50 countries worldwide. More information about Games Workshop and its other, related, brands and product ranges (including its publishing division ‘Black Library’ and its special resin miniatures studio ‘Forge World’) can be found at


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Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power rules: The Artefacts

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Small thumb aosfpartifacts may16 feature5sn 320x320

Hello everyone !!!

Games Workshop just revealed more infos on the Stormvault Campaign.

Awakened Artefacts !

In the Stormvault Campaign, you and your opponents each race to unlock the Stormvaults, duking it out through a series of bespoke battleplans in search of treasure and glory. There’s a twist, however – in this campaign, you’ll have access to mysterious artefacts that increase in power over the course of your games.

Nice ! Forbidden Power rules integrating RPG elements is interesting and who doesn't like to lvl up ^^

How does it works ?

At the start of your second Stormvault Campaign games you'll be able to pic an awakened artefacts to represent the immense treasures contained in them. They works like any artefact of power you could find in the seraphon battletome but with a twist !
After each game the awakened artefact get a new power !!

Check this one :

warhammer age of sigmar awakened artefact gheistbane

My Minotaur lord like this awakened artefact !!! So in this exemple to lvl up you need to slay foes during an Age of Sigmar battle. Also Forbidden Power rules on artifacts create a new interesting dynamic :

This adds a new dynamic to your games for you and enemies. Do they try and slay the wielder of Gheistbane early in the battle, or do they risk you gaining a level and becoming stronger in the campaign overall? Do you hold back with your hero, or do you get stuck in early on to make the maximum impact?

source :


created : 10 days ago

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