Rumours - Warhammer 40k: Codices are going to vanish - rules for free


Howdy Guys and Girls :)

let's see what we have so far on this topic ;)

First, a quote from hastings, warseer (we already posted this a few days ago, but well, it's part of the topic, and a nice intro):

"via Hastings on Warseer
I have said I was told that Codexes (Codices? how the hell do you do the plural of Codex anyway???) would be gone within 2 years. That might mean the rules for each unit are included in the boxes/free on the net/wd etc.

I do think that 40k rules will become more simplified, why? because GW don't want to focus on making games systems/rules anymore, they purely want to sell models. I do not doubt for one second that they (the main 40k rules) "COULD" become like AoS, but that is my personal opinion, and as I openly said that was me jumping to the conclusion based on how easily they destroyed their longest game world in favour of making more money.

I think rather than being of any use at all this thread is purely scaremongering and misleading. The death of the codex doesn't mean the end of 40k, the death of the army book in WFB was because AoS had ALREADY killed WFB, and AoS had no place for army books."

created : almost 4 years ago

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GW financial press announcement out


GW's financial quarter report is out :)

actually, this article has some really important points, thanks @ Slipstreams to point them out this morning :)

First, GW mentions the incorperation of FW into their main store (and shops):
"Forge World mail order store. To protect our sales we are building a new Forge World mail order store on the same platform and hosting environment as our Citadel mail order store and migrating all products and imagery."

this is inline with what i heard too, FW in store should come alongside the HH plastics around november ;)

another interesting tidbit:
"Secondly, I will review our product range. We believe this is long overdue: it is time for a resetting of the ranges. Not tweaking here and there but a top down reassessment. I expect to update you further at the half year. We will aim to continue to deliver outstanding product and customer service, maintain our Group gross margin and continue to improve our Group stock turn. To be absolutely clear I will not be reducing the RRP of our products: they are premium priced for their premium quality. I will, however, be looking to offer a broader range of price points. This is exciting and is for the long term, so I'm not promising when you will see a change. We have already started the brainstorming in our monthly strategic product meetings. It is early days, but I can already foresee some busy times ahead."


"Explore new core trade opportunities in toy, craft, book and comic stores. This has always been a great opportunity to extend our reach and help us find new customers. I am working closely with my advisers exploring these types of locations."

we also got a confirmation for the Warhammer branding of their stores:
"Warhammer branding
We have taken the decision in the year to rebrand our stores ‘Warhammer’. It is what our customers call us. This will be rolled out
progressively, as and when we open new or refurbish our existing stores. At the year end date we had 13 Warhammer branded stores."

also, AoS:
In July 2015, we relaunched Warhammer Fantasy to broad acclaim ‘Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’. We are so proud of this new range of
miniatures that we have commissioned an additional statue at our HQ to complement our Space Marine, which has delighted our
customers and staff for the last 17 years. You have to see it to believe it, you will not be disappointed."

all in all, it sounds really good for the future of the hobby :) and the incorperation of HH as a "main-product" (smart move GW, as you can use all the HH models in 40k too ;>) should boost GW even further :)

Lady Atia

created : almost 4 years ago

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AoS: this weeks releases with prices


thanks @ gary (natfka) :)

created : almost 4 years ago

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The end is near !!!

Chaos apocalypse

Hasting quote on warseer :

As for your AoS style rule reboot question - I remember being told to expect 40k codexes (codices?) to be a thing of the past within 2 years, and that the rules would be in the box for each model/unit, but there would still be a core ruleset which the in box rules would obviously add to. I've not bought any AoS releases (nor do I intend to) so I don't know if they have rules in the boxes (seems daft as when rules got FAQ'd (lol) or changed they'd need to repack ALL the boxes - seems even dafter that anything would actually bother with rules for AoS!!) or just online? I am going to leap to the conclusion that 40k probably WILL become more simplified like AoS, mainly because GW no longer see themselves as rules/games writers but just model sellers. How much more simplified I wouldn't hazard a guess at. Whatever they decide to do you can bet it's in the pipeline already, because myself and Harry were privately discussing the changes to WFB almost 3 years ago - I was told it was being canned and whilst we thought that was not the case and that AoS would be a continuation or refresh of it WFB HAS actually been canned and REPLACED by AoS, so these things are planned well ahead.

FW make huge sales from HH, there was no way that GW weren't going to want in on the action! I expect FW to still produce the big kits/characters/customising kits but GW will provide the bulk of the models needed to play 30k. We can only hope that GW let FW handle the 30k rules/books and they just make the models for it. But keep in mind I was told that when the 30k RANGE hits the stores (not the standalone box game but the actual range) it will take over the store space that used to be taken up by LotR/Hobbit, so GW may want to keep tight hold of the reigns even though they are no longer committed to producing games?


Also I should point out that as I understand it 40k and 30k will be very different games/rulesets, so it may be that 40k becomes like AoS and 30k is handled by FW (although this is just wishful thinking on the behalf of hobbyists the world over!).

Of course I may be completely wrong...... because that happens a lot


So that's it ? Are we doomed ? ;)

created : almost 4 years ago

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Added beastmen to the points database !

Beastmen small 96f66b124c11a1b583f808ecbc13f596f0914bf796bb3aeaf0507c35eb51408e

Beastmen are in !! (just the points and option not the full stats).

Go check it :

created : almost 4 years ago

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Khorne warband : Done !, still 21 to add

60010299006 aosstarter360korghoskhul

The khorne warband have been added to the points database (without stat, like the stormcast).

created : almost 4 years ago

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Stormcast eternal : DONE !

Stormhost small ba57baa43080061f7e2192a243855dd7d803642ede4c54ec18d0dd13fbc46ff6

Just ran the program for the stormcast eternal, all the points are here (i just didn't added all the rules as GW is selling their rules app for them).

Need to do the Khorne warband now !

Cheers !

created : almost 4 years ago

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Forgeworld Bulletin 70 - Techpriest, Servo Automata, Rhino upgrades


The newest FW bulletin shows of better pictures of the Enginseer Techpriest and his Servo Automata, aswell as the Rhino Upgrades

created : almost 4 years ago

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AoS: This weeks releases - Paladins, Dragonfate Dias, Numinous Occulum


Howdy guys and girls :)

As far as i know, this week should be:

Stormcast Eternals Paladins (Protectors, Decimators, Retributors, Glaives, Axes, Hammers)
Dragonfate Dias
Numunous Occulum

Also, we should get a repacking with new bases/box-art for Dryads and the Treelord, as far as i know. :)


created : almost 4 years ago

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Warhammer 40k: New Space Wolves e-shorts!


new Space Wolves short stories inc =)

the whole story arc will be eight short stories, first published as ebooks

created : almost 4 years ago

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