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Hello and welcome to the batcave team roster

"La guerre à la batcave" is a french group of players (based in Montpellier). Principaly, we are friends having fun drinking and playing lot of games (pen and paper rpg, magic, Boardgames, GW games, PP games ...)

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The Team

Atia 9a59d961cbdebd452ea4c850ce267ccd2d8cbcfc9561bf8ce7810890bbabed04

Lady Atia

Lady of the Rumour Tower

Bob 282a9cd3330ec64590df0b0039b5cff5849687ea59c05e911770845961655c09

Bob the Bomb

I game, you game, we game

Slanesh d1d81db0e6006cfddc1a750d4d96f16decfc399c7f00570416bd0bcae13673e8

Slanesh 17

Wagic combo factory

Toph 247fcc4565fdbd915283b8568fbfe1f3c0f0e62b38e9e1c049489a66203b2310


I am the LAW

Lau 7962eac35754682caa2173f4720d5bcc567120d57b2a4ee4be60427e5783f5fd


Lord of the whines

Caly ea57a6104ab1fab1ff3b597e20262ce9e9032ec215fe5be78a2db475c18a1d58

Mc caly


Jc 7d9b18ad318a92c1796bfc932dcb1ebb3b8a121ed73ea7e4404a689ef9cf026d


What ? who ?

Fab 95210aa89813b3a764d281d57f9b260d1cc17525f741fca9ac00f7a7dde4bad1


Pro painted !

Rincewind cfbee72fc71a89fec6007d501bd48740132e946c97f1a0da9cde4403f8e236f3


You sure this power do this ? show me the player handbook

Marty 2f4d6b00eaa488b6f91940738a5e4ad40942949f968f11fee60b40bd800f18ec

Marty Machine

King of logistic and owner of many games