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A few tips for tomorrow

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Hello everyone !!

Tomorrow Blood Bowl is released and here is a small survival guide to not be a total joke :D
Your are not going to win a league with this but at least you are going to play !!

Don't hesitate to zoom with ctrl+mouse wheel
Here a few things you need to know !!

I) Fear the turn over :

During a Blood Bowl game, EACH time you "FAIL" a roll of : Block, Dodge, Go for it, Pick up the ball, Catch, Pass* your turn ends. We call this a Turn Over.
In consequence if your first action in a turn is picking up the ball you can loose your turn if you fail.

pass and block are special cases :
Pass* : When you fumble (roll1) a pass or miss a pass that is not Catch the turn ends.
Block : Block is special because a Block can be super safe or super risky.

You must do each turn :
1 ) Start by doing actions that do not require a roll : moving players and standing up.
2) Then do actions needing a roll, from Safer to Riskier. (2D block with block, then picking up the ball , then super hard action.)


If your game plan means starting your turn with a 5+ dodge without reroll, change it !

II) Protect the ball

Before doing anything at the start of an offense drive, you move 2 players in front of the ball to prevent opposing players interference.
In this case the ball is too far for the scrimmage line so you should be safe, but a lot of unforeseen shit can happen in Blood Bowl, Better safe than sorry.
So the first move is to protect the ball on the ground and free players for the future cage.

Like this :

this way even if "shit happen" you still have a chance to recover.
Then at the end of the turn the thrower gets to the ball for a pick up.

One bad thing that could happen is : imagine you fail and turn over too rapidly and the human players decide to 1vs1 all your players, the situation could become very dicey very fast !!!

III) Stack tackle zone

Each standing player* has a tackle zone around him, imposing a -1 on a roll of : dodge, pick up, catch, pass.
Don't forget that if you miss it's turn over.
And any players leaving a tackle zone must roll a dodge.

the tackle zone malus stack

Meaning that rolling to dodge inside 3 tackles zone have a -3 malus (transforming a 3+ into a 6+). This concept of overlapping zone is the base of everything in Blood Bowl and more particulary the Cage.

In this exemple the blue blitzer needs a 6+ to dodge and block the ball carrier. It's really hard and don't forget - if you miss it's turn over ^^
This is an exemple of a cage, the ball carrier is inside it and he can't be blitzed unless a very hard dodge is made.

Maybe this concept is a bit too early but sooner you have it in you better you are.

III) The sideline square does not exist

Never Never Never place a players next to a sideline (anyone).
It' super easy to push you in the public. 1. Removing you from the drive, 2. roll for wound ignoring the armor.

If the opposing team have a frenzy player keep a 2 square gap.

thx taithays

To conclude this short part :
1) Actions without a roll before actions with a roll. Then easy to hard roll.
2) Always ALWAYS place 1 or 2 players in front of the ball at the start of your offense drive.
3) Spread tackle zone !!!! More tackle zone !!!!
4) Never stick to the sideline

Tomorow i'll do defense, block war and cage

Good night and blitz !