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Iron Golems - Fantasy Football Elf Team (kickstarter)

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Hello everyone !!

Last week wood elves were on made to order and a few ppl asked for alternative.
On could be this Kickstarter (closing in 4day already funded) by Iron Golems.

The teams aviable are Wood and Pro elves, in metal or resin.
You also have some premium option/addon (ptich, dugout, box, treeman)
This is their Third BloodBowl crowfunding they have enough exeperience to avoid hiccup.

You can check the details and different stretch goal here :

It's worth mentioning that the sculptor is Lucas Pina !! he's famous for his witch trio (that was painted by Komets on his patreon it's his Patreon banner right now ^^)

It's going to be good stuff ! don't miss it.


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