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Tiles of the UNDERHIVE + Walls and stuff (pics heavy)

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Hello everyone !!

Second post of our Necromunda coverage. The tiles.

See the following post for our Q&A:

- There are 9 DOUBLE faced tiles.
- Ignore the case you use inches for playing.
- Pit, duct, Slime and stuff have in game effect.
- This is actually a 2D Zone Mortalis (and a lot cheaper).
- Card Board is of good quality.

Tile 1

Tile 2

Tile 3

Tile 4

Tile 5

Tile 6

Tile 7

Tile 8

Tile 9

Plastic Doors :
The weight on these is crazy ! so friggin THICK plastic !

Objectives :
The Cute Tentacule deserves a Cute tag :P