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Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Pre-order Forbidden Power & Dominion of Sigmar

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Hello everyone !!

It's time for Forbidden power to awaken :D

Forbidden power is the next expansion for Warhammer Age-of-Sigmar by Games Workshop.
The official description is :

The 88-page Forbidden Power book tells of the battle for the Midnight Tomb, as the spectral armies of Nagash lay siege to the free city of Lethis, seeking to break into the Grand Stormvault hidden beneath its streets. In addition, you will find new rules for recreating the armies that fought for Lethis, for fighting battles in the grim region of Shyish known as Stygxx, and for playing a campaign to conquer multiple Stormvaults hidden across the Mortal Realms to capture the powerful relics within.

There’s something for every faction in the book, so no matter which grand alliance you fight for or the deity you serve, your army can fight for the right to loot the forbidden Stormvaults too!

Included in the box :
1 new scenery the Penumbral Engine for Age of sigmar
4 Endless spells Soulscream Bridge, Horrorghast, Shards of Valagharr and Lauchon the Soulseeker
+ Warscrolls cards for spells and all the new Dominion scenery range (Value !!! if you plan to add these scenery box to your age of sigmar)

Dominion of Sigmar
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Dominion of Sigmar is the bran new line of scenry for Age of Sigmar !!!

Before the coming of Chaos, the Mortal Realms were littered with glorious temple-cities and towering edifices dedicated to the glory of the God-King Sigmar. Many were cast down or fell into disrepair during the dark times of the Age of Chaos, yet their noble heritage endures in the ruins that remain.

If you want to give your battlefield a Sigmarite makeover with some modular terrain (including stylised hills!), the Enduring Stormvault, Timeworn Ruins, Sigmarite Dais and Shattered Temple sets that make up the new Dominion of Sigmar scenery range (shown clockwise below) will also be available.

These terrain pieces are awesome !!!! I already have the Dreadfort range from the Age of sigmar launch but can't wait add them all and make a battlefield with one Chaos side and One Sigmar side.

Really want to play on these terrain !!