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Age of Sigmar : Forbidden Power & Dominion of Sigmar Price

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Hello everyone !!

Lot of Expensive plastic this week. Especially if you want Dominion Of Sigmar (wargaming terrains) and The Forbidden power extension.

Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power price : 55£ / 70€
Dominion of Sigmar, The Enduring Stormvault price : 95£ / 125€ (ouchies)
Dominion of Sigmar, Sigmarite Dais : 40£ / 55€
Dominion of Sigmar, Shattered Temple : 27.50£ / 35€
Dominion of Sigmar, Timeworn Ruins : 25£ / 32.5€

Ok the kit is massive still 125€ is a big price tag for wargaming terrains. Especially in world filled with 3d printer and on the wargaming terrain 28mm segment.

Because if you buy the whole pack for 250€ you are not far from a decent 3D printer that you can upgrade yourself :D

Anyway the Age of Sigmar terrains look great painted and i love painting wargame terrains (with my Air Brush off course^^) so i think i am buying them anyway.

Try searching for : wargaming terrains 28m on it's fun ^^