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New Blood Bowl Edition in 2020 ! & Blood Bowl 3 Videogame

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Hello again everyone !!!

Bigben interactive just announced Blood bowl 3. yay good news !!!

Nothing incredible, Blood bowl online sold well and the game is well made. It's is expected they release a new one at some point. But the interesting part is :

Blood Bowl 3 will coincide with the release of the new paper edition in 2020, which is being revamped with all-new game rules."

Wait what ? Whaaaaaaaaaat ?

screenshot of the press release
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To be honest the wording is not clear. The Press release is a traduction from French and even the French version is not clear. I am not sure what rules are revamped, the Blood Bowl 3 to match 2020 version ?

Link to the press release in english

Still :
-Blood Bowl 3 is coming.
-New paper edition of Blood Bowl in 2020.
-Revamped rules for Blood Bowl 3 or a new blood bowl board game

Personally, I have no problem with a Blood Bowl 3 or a new blood bowl board game. I like new stuff and i'll admit that Blood Bowl rule set is getting a bit old. Even if it's my most played board game ever(more than 1k games I think) I wouldn't mind a new version.

Let's wait on the Warhammer tv reaction now :)