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Blood Bowl : Chameleon Skinks rules

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Hello everyone !!!

As you maybe know, Blood bowl team roster rarely changes so when Lizardmen were granted a new type of player, the Chameleon Skinks, I was super thrilled.

invest a little extra GP to get one or two Chameleon Skinks – they have a couple of extra tricks to keep them out of harm’s way.

Chameleon Skinks rules

More expensive and less movement than a skink but gaining Diving tackle and Pass Block? This set up is nearly useless !!! With only S2 you can just blitz the skink and prevent diving tackle oO. At least if they had Side step instead of blocking pass it would work, but right now the Chameleon Skinks have no use.

What a let down :(

Ps : This week end is the Naf World Cup (blood bowl) in Dornbirn!