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Pre Order: Bandai Primaris Intercessor Space Marine Action Figure & and ...

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Hello everyone !!

It's pre order days. This week the Star is the Bandai Primaris but you can also pre orders :

  • The Grymwatch for Underworlds

  • warhammer 40000 bandai pre orders

  • Bloodbowl Lizardmen

  • warhammer 40000 bandai pre orders

  • Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress : Aboniable Intellect

  • warhammer 40000 bandai pre orders

How to pre order the Giant Primaris Space Marines by Bandai
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Price is 75£/90€ delivery in 270 days

We’ll send our final order to Bandai as soon as we hit 9,000, and they’ll produce the action figures and start deploying them around the world. We expect them to start arriving in your hands in the second quarter of 2020.

9000 Copies is the threshold but what happens if only 2000 get ordered? We only know that the Pre-orders window is limited but nothing else.