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Black Library Weekender 2019: The Reveals

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Hello everyone !!

This week end was the Black Library Weekender 2019. Lots of new books and 2 models were revealed.

Valerian and Aleya

-Valerian and Aleya are the stars of Chris Wraight’s Watchers of the Throne series and they tie into the release of the second book at the Celebration, The Regent’s Shadow.

Most interesting books/goodies IMO :

Lion El’Jonson: Lord of the First

Siege of Terra : The first wall !

Dan Abnett : book 4 of the Siege of Terra, Saturnine.

That’s right – Dan Abnett is back. Seven years after his last Horus Heresy novel, The Unremembered Empire, he’s written book 4 of the Siege of Terra, Saturnine. We’ll be bringing you more details about that soon

Full details coverage of the Weekender here :