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Warhammer 40000 : Ultramarines Primaris by Skomorowski !

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Hello everyone !!

Look at this awesome Space Marines made by Skmorowski !! If you don't know the Artist, he worked for GW during 5 years and made the Solar Auxiliary line for FW and other stuff. Now he's a freelance Sculptor.

Off course the guy is one of the best sculptors but what's even more interesting is that he made this one with Zbrush and printed it in once piece on a solus 3d printer (3K€ 3D printers). To be honest it's been a long time i didn't say out loud "Woaa" for a SM..

Truly, he's alone, sculpted a model and printed it to a better result than at least 50% of the recent FW release ...I guess it could be a secondary market. Don't do you think?


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