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Blood Angels in Psychic Awakening 3 !

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Hello everyone !!!

As you know Blood Angels are in the light in Psychic Awakening 3.

They get good stuff, more attack, more smash captain and Death company Intercessors !!!

But wait, what’s this? Death Company Intercessors? It was thought that Primaris Space Marines might be immune to the Black Rage, but the legacy of Sanguinius flows in their veins.

Updated black rage :

They get Doctrine as well, and a new Assault Doctrine power :

Dread Libby buff :

A new Litany and the one from Space Marines codex.

Love this stratagem, for me Blood Angels always was Rhino and double tap !!! (

Flesh Tearer Chapter Traits :

I love these news !!! Still i have one question, how many books i need to play BA ?
BA dex, SM dex, Chapter approved, Psychic Awakening ? ....Holy shit...