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Bloodbowl : It's Ogre time !!

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Hello everyone !!!

Ogre on Pre Orders next week.

Ogres have been a beloved and effective part of the Blood Bowl universe for ages, but have you ever wanted an entire team of them? Well, now you (sort of) can with the Fire Mountain Gut Busters. They’re finally descending from the mountains to smash some skulls, accompanied by a tide of Gnoblars that occasionally remember to get the ball moving across the pitch.

Extra Thick Ogre Booster Kit
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Looks like Ogre Girls are here ^.^

Spike 8 with all the rules
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Also blood bowl 2019 Almanach

blood bowl ogre

that’s issues 4-7 if you’re counting – covering Undead, Halfling, Wood Elves and Lizardmen teams.