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Warhammer 40000 : Warhammer Legends !

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer Legends page have been updated with lots of profile for Warhammer 40000

Allowing you to use them even in matched play. Off course before going to a tournament with these better check the TO before ^^

Still, it's nice of GW.

Here you’ll find complete rules for warriors, heroes, monsters and machines from the worlds of Warhammer, alongside a brief summary of their background and play style.

Every Citadel miniature is great, a unique piece of the ever-evolving narrative of Warhammer. It is, then, an unfortunate truth that we can’t continue to sell and support every model we’ve ever made, indefinitely. As we make new models, and new books to explore their background and rules, we have to stop producing and featuring some older models. But just like many of you, we still treasure our collections of older Citadel miniatures, and we still want to be able to use them in games and forge glorious narratives on the tabletop! This is where Warhammer Legends comes in. Warhammer Legends is a great home for these miniatures, giving us somewhere to publish rules to allow you to keep playing with your older miniatures.

The rules presented here are designed to be definitive, and will only be updated when we change the core mechanics of the game. This means that Legends units are not designed for matched play (as they won’t, for example, have regular points updates).


Ps : Don't forget you can also get Points for AOS there ^^