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Age of Sigmar : The Lumineth , Vanari Auralan Wardens

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Hello everyone !!!

New info on the Lumineth :
- Lumineth Archer are the Auralan Sentinels
- Mage units are expected and should "Bombard" with spell !

Auralan Wardens are the mainstay of the Lumineth battleline.

Each of the Auralan Wardens carries a short sword strapped to their backs. Though not designed to be their primary weapons, these blades would be drawn for self-defence should an enemy get inside their reach.

Unit Leader
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Unit leader seem to have helmet and naked head option !
Also, carry a lantern? (Is there a night in the realm of light ? or Shadow ?)

Runes !
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Runic Mandala, the Lumineth evolution of the Pantheonic Mandala which once depicted the aelven gods from the world-that-was. In addition to representing an amalgam of the runes of the four Hyshian geomantic spirits, the more elaborate versions incorporate the twin aspects of sun and moon, both separate yet intrinsically linked, just as with the godly twins that embody them.

Better start training these Runes Freehands ^^

Source : GW com