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Age of Sigmar : Lumineth Endless Spells

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Hello everyone !!

GW revealed the Endless Spells for the Lumineth...

Sadly they are quite bad looking :( maybe the Twinstone is a bit better but beehhh

Sanctum of Amyntok

lumineth Endless Spells

1 shield/wall type effect, depending on the deploying rules, the spell could be super strong or trash ^^

Hyshian Twinstones

lumineth Endless Spells

They charge as you cast spell near them and give a buff around them.

lumineth Endless Spells

Rune of Petrification

Wow, that's a terrible model :(

lumineth Endless Spells

Damn that feels strong! And Lumineths are Immune to it...


Really disappointed with how these spells look :( I understand the Intent of having Magic Words Floating but this is not working.