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RedGrassGames new mini Handle review !

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Hello everyone !!

Mini Handles have been multiplying these last 5 years. I remember a time when I used champagne cork and it was already an improvement over using my hand ^^ Now the market has a large number of options from 3D printed version, to the RGG Handle and off course the GW one.

I am already a big fan of the RedGrassGames Handle first edition. Ergonomic handle, 360° turning cap, Thin so you can easily paint under. I don't like how the GW handle is so large and make it hard to paint under the model.
Still, the first version had a few aspects that could be improved: stability of the handle when on the desk and the ability to swap models fast if you have one handle and multiple models to paint at the same time.

Now, RedGrassGames announced a new Handle and a Kickstarter campaign starting on the 21 May. They sent me the new Handleversion and some extra cap to test the product and do a quick review on it.

ps: I am not paid and have no obligation saying the Handle is good.

The new Handle

To me the first Handle was good. With only 2 problems but the first one bothered me a lot: the Stability of the Handle. A few times I bumped and made the Handle fall with the model still attached. I can attest the mounting putty holds very well even during a fall, but damn ! hated that.

RGG seem to address the problem with a magnetic base for this new version. I decided to do some test to check if that works out.

Stability Improvement

The Handle is now magnetic and delivered with a small metal plate with Strong Double tape under it.

rgg Handle

Great idea huh? but does it achieve stability? I tested this setup and I admit it works very well, the magnet is quite strong. the Tape under the metal base is insanely powerful. I tested it and nearly broke my nail removing it ^^ So think before sticking it somewhere.

Note the image is a bit misleading, the Magnet is NOT the metal plate but inside the Handle. It's ideal as you can use a tiny thin sheet of metal, if the small round metal plate is not enough or if you want an extra spot to magnetize the handle. In my case, I am going to set a small metal sheet (20cm * 20 cm) on the desk in front of me and probably cover it with a paper sheet (the magnet is strong enough to do this)

You could also stick the metal round plate to the cover of the wet palette and use it as a base when you open the palette (Neat !)

Truly, it's a great idea, the Handle is still thin and agile, but now super stable. Also, I can now stock my Handle(s) on my painting lamp.

rgg Handle

Note: I compared the old and the new handle and there are the same weight 45 Grams (the Gw one is 56 grams)

Honestly, this magnetic solution is awesome. It's elegant, don't weight more, hold very well. To me, it makes the RGG handle the best option on the market right now.

Now let's check the problem 2, Model Switching when batch painting multiple models with one Handle.

Model switching

The difficulty when you use Putty to hold models on a Handle is switching them. Attaching the model to the handle with putty takes a lot more time than the GW springs mechanism, and removing the model takes as long. So unless you have one handle per model it's not an option for Batch painting.

RGG appear to have addressed this problem with a removable cap :

rgg Handle

The cap is easily removable but also don't fall off if you turn the handle upside down. Even with a metal model attached to it!

rgg Handle

yea don't try this at home but notice how the magnet is strong enough to hold on the edge of the Lamp frame with a 40mil metal model (and a big fat one).

Also, note that once removed, the cap is very stable and there is no chance to have falling models.

rgg Handle


The new RGG handle is without contest my favourite. Now that the bottom of the handle is magnetized and the top is removable and still360° orientable it's near perfect!

I don't know the price of the new Kickstarter but if it stays in the same prince range (10€) it's a great improvement. Also, they plan to sell metal bases and top cap pack, so we will have to wait on the price too. Ideally, I would like one handle and 10/12 caps with putty on it for around the same price of the GW handle

Check their website for more info and if you have questions you can post them here, I'll ask them for you.

Kickstarter of the 21 May, note you can also get a paper version of their free painting book by Angel Giraldez if you do the Kickstarter.