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Warhammer 40000 Daily : 9th Cover Rules update & Inquisitor Draxus datasheet

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer 40000 daily.
hope we learn something new about the 9th...

Inquisition in Pariah

She's also a psyker

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-Generic Inquisitors Datasheet included so you can kitbash your own. (even the terminator equipped)

Alpha Class !

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Love the idea !

Dense cover
Thumb densecover

Another very verbose rule.

    So this rule do :
  • If the terrain with this rule is 3" height or more !

  • -1 to hit unless you can draw a los for at least one model from a single point from a single model

  • If you are inside an area terrain like this you don't suffer the malus

  • If you are within 3 of a "Obstacle terrain" with this rule you don't have the malus

  • height is mesure from higest point

This bullet points (and more) are included in the rulebook to make it easy for the players :

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Wow !