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Warhammer 40000 Daily : Morale rules & Strategic Reserves

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Hello everyone !!

Daily today is about Asrta Millitarum & Tactical reserve.
I have the feeling it's like the third Tactical reserve discussion...they have been milking these rules change a bit too much IMO...Anyway hope it's going to be good !


1) Keep part of your army off the board in turn 1

Lot of powerful weaponry so to mitigate first turn you can hide stuff in reserve.

2) Enter the game at a later turn

More turn go, more deployment options : Flank, back line...

3) Even Scoring Curve

New missions rules flaten the Scoring curve so you can plan to score more points in later turn !

4) Teleport/DeepStrike...

Rules on the Datasheet, don't cost Command points, are independents from the Strategic Reserve.

5) Aircraft

Come from Strategic Reserve anywhere they want, more than 9".
They can go back on Strategic Reserve.
They fixed some Eldar shinanigan were they would shoot and fade and leave battlefield again.

6) Games a lot more reaction-based .

Lot more move and reaction. No more 2 Battleline doing one Alpha Strike.

Strategic reserve Cost in CP

warhammer rumour

Power points are used to balance Strategic Reserve

Strategic reserve details

warhammer rumour

Morale Change

They wanted to make morale more meaningful and less swingy.

-If you fail morale: you lost 1 model

-Roll 1d6 for each model on a 1 you lose a model (Coming from bloodbowl I am not a fan of this one ^^)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Lying in Ambush

Strategic Reserves units can’t normally be set up within 9″ of any enemy models, but if you set them up within 1″ of your own battlefield edge, they can be set up within this distance – and even within the 1″ Engagement Range of enemy models! If they do so, they count as having made a charge move, and your opponent will be unable to fire Overwatch against them!