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Warhammer 40000 9th : Eradicator and Coherency rules (end of conga line)

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Hello everyone !!

New 9th info dropped today :

First are Eradicator units,

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T 5, 3 wounds, Assault Multi Melta, double shot if focus firing, yay !

ps : points are going to be online
ps : Sad that Bladeguard are not T5 :(


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Very nice around Cryptek...

Unit Coherency

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warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

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Coherency rules for 6+ units is a very good idea, it's simple but increase the depth of the game..

Emergency Disembarkation

Emergency Disembarkation is one of the 7 core Stratagem and allow last ditch effort to save a circled unit in a transport...Still you loose one model for each 1 or 2....

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Everything is going to be added to the Warhammer 40000 round up Here