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SCE & IronJaws updated warscrolls with repack

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Hello everyone !!

Coming with repack, news stats !

Keep in mind these are not complete version of the Warscrolls.


Maw Krusha & Goddrak

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-Both lost a 1 in armor save and it's a really big nerf in this save stacking edition !
- +3 wounds and +4 wounds for Goddrak

Megaboss :
numbers of Ranged attack is fixed to 4
Lost 1" range on boss hacka but all options gained 1 attack. No rend increase is kind of sad ;(
Maw Krusha is 3 dmg base !

All his attacks are 2dmg base and his Maw Crusha gained 1 dmg too


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Both 2" weapons are now -2 rend !!! will do the math Laters but it sounds good!


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Buffed !!

single shot gained +1 to wound roll and one rend. Dmg is now 1d6 instead of 1d6hits ? Maybe it's only for the simple warscrolls.

Multishot gained +1 to hit and went from 4 to 2d6 shots ! it's more random but 4+ on 2d6 is really easy so expect a lot more shot

+2 wounds !

Balista Stonk is growing!

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Lost 2 shots but hits and wounds on 3+ 3+ now.
Before it was 6*1/4 and now it's 4*4/9, so it's 1.5 avg vs 1.7 average with no rend and dmg 1...still sound like total trash but heh ^^

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Buffed also : +6" range, +1attack, inverted hit and wound so now is 3+ / 2+ with -2rends and 2 damages.

Huge buff! and the 3+ 2+ stack perfectly with all-out attack! for a neat 2+ 2+ !!

So if you are assembling Vanguard-raptors go for the big crossbow !!

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Base rend 1 & sword & mace are the same big mace didn't change.

tasty change !!