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Kruleboys new Warscrolls solve the meta !

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Hello everyone !!

New Warscrolls from the upcoming Orruck Battletome. Let's take a look !

Grining Blades

Another sub-factions for the Kruleboys.

Meta is not ranged right now but it's good to now that you have this options in the Battletome.


warhammer rumour

This look interesting..
Move is a bit slow at 5 but with 12 wounds and a 4+ you are kind of tanky.
All attacks are range 1'' (lots of new warscroll are stuck with 1" range).

Boss attacks have 0 rend :( but you can still aim for mortal on 6+ (or 5+ with shaman)
Troll attacks are very strong with 3+ 3+ -2 D3... Can easily go to 2+ 2+ with all out and glory day.

No monster keywords :( but at least an hero.

Breaka Harness is very very nasty it's 1d3*2 extra attacks on a 5+ you attack 10 times !!! (could be very strong in a big waaghh if they still get the +1 +1 ) .

Extra healing is nice but on YOUR hero phase only and need a 4+ and then a d3.

Command trait

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Can be good for grabbing objective turn 1 .

Beast Skewer Killbow

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warhammer rumour

This model is fantastic & ones of my favourite!

Stats wize...Very fragile with a 5wounds 5+.

I don't know if you can reinforce the unit but it would be neat if you can go to unit of 3 (with a shaman support ) ^^

Shooting profile is not great with only 24" if you stay immobile and 12" if you move :(

Off course the interesting rules is Skewered, Shooting 12dmg arrow on Sons of Behemat is an incredible prospect ^^. I think that if you want to play them you need to choose the ranged clan in Kruleboys :

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Extra range and reroll 1 during first turn is very handy.

Killing Gotrek

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Ok casting value is 7, range is only 12 and only last during your turn. But the prospect of removing the ward of Gotrek is super exiting !


Without the full battletome, it's hard to give a prediction of the power lvl but one thing is sure. They have answers the to meta.

1) Killing sons of Behemat

With the Killbow and the spell to remove wards, you have tools to grind those giants (that are the most dominating factions ever in AOS in terms of result). So it's a good thing already.

Against a big monster with a 15+ wounds characteristic the Killbow is neat !

2) Removing Ward with one spell.

Probably going to make the Mouth of Mork Auto Include (strong-flying wizard ) but if you can setup kills on Gotrek or Any big bois with amulet of destiny.
Huge tool

Hyped to the MAX ! (but not too much i need to finish this Archaon before ^^)