Age of Sigmar rpg : Soulbound, test mechanism revealed

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Hello everyone !!

Soulbound is the Age of Sigmar RPG (pen & paper) in preparation at cubicle7 in a recent post we looked at the archetype inside the core rulebook : here . Today let's check what the Test mechanism will be.

What are Test in Soulbound

Test will be the core mechanism of Soulbound, it will be used for combats, skills, roleplayings (?), explorations. For such a core mechanism I expect it to be well thought and polished!

Test in Soulbound will be resolved by rolling a pool of six-sided dice (d6s) and try to roll equal or greater than the Difficulty Number (DN). It's exactly like Warhammer 40 000, Age of Sigmar, or Shadowrun (ed 1 to 3) if we consider RPG.

Attributes in Soulbound

In Soulbound only 3 attributes, Body, Mind, Soul. Body will represent physical capacity of your character, Mind will be a mix of intelligence/perception/wits and Soul will be your willpower. Average joe in the Mortal Realm will be at 1 or 2.

When rolling for a test, your dice pool will equal the corresponding attributes. Ie: You want to do a test for running you will roll a number of dice equal to your Body.

Skills in Soulbound

Skills represent a level of training and expertise in a particular area, such as arcane lore, athletics, crafting, and combat.
Skills have 2 aspects: Trained and Focus, both can be LvL up.

Trained in a skill : Each level of training in that skill will grant one extra dice on your test roll.

Focus in a skill : Each level of focus in a specific skill will add a +1 to the result of one Dice (ie: if you roll one dice and get a result of 4 you can increase it to 5)

Simple test

The Simple Test in Soulbound is common. A Simple Test has a DN from 2 to 6 (chosen by the GM), with 4 being the average difficulty. To roll the Test, gather up a number of dice equal to the Attribute plus any ranks of Trained you have with the Skill. The test is a success if any dice equal or exceed the DN.

Extra success are used to improve the effectiveness of your test.

Example by Cubicle 7 :

Imren, an Isharaan Tidecaster, is inspecting an ancient Agloraxian device buried deep underground. She wants to try to understand what the device was used for so the GM tells her she must make a Test. The GM decides that inspecting the device uses the Mind Attribute and that the Arcana Skill is appropriate. Knowledge of the Agloraxian Empire is hard to come by so the GM determines the difficulty of the Test is 5. The GM tells Ímren she must make a DN 5 Mind (Arcana) Test.

Imren has Mind 3 and one level of Trained in Arcana, so her dice pool for the Test is 4 (3 + 1). She rolls and gets a result of 1, 3, 5, and 6. This gives her two successes (5 and 6). The GM tells her she has passed the Test and decides that the additional success is worth a little more information. She tells Ímren that the device was used to lift large structures into the air, and that there may be a way to reactive the device…

Age of sigmar rpg Soulbound

Complex test

Same as a simple test but the GM asks for a certain numbers of success to pass the test. It's not clear from the article if the test is a single roll only or can be made in multiple rolls (for a prolonged task like repairing an armour)

Example by Cubicle 7 :

Example: Ímren has managed to reactivate the Agloraxian device. Unfortunately, it has caused the ancient structure to crumble and begin to fall apart. She and her companions race for the exit, hoping to avoid being sealed inside a tomb. Vel Arturious, the Knight-Questor, reaches the exit first. She tells the GM that she wants to hold the archway up so that her allies can escape. The GM tells her that she is going to have to keep it up for a number of rounds while the others flee. The GM calls for a DN 3:3 Body (Might) Complex Test– the task is not difficult (DN 3) but it does take time (3 successes).

Vel has Body 4 and one level of Trained in Might, giving her a dice pool of 5 (4 + 1). She rolls and gets a result of 1, 2, 2, 5, and 6. An unlucky roll that gives her only 2 successes. Luckily, Vel also has a Focus in Might. This allows her to add +1 to the result of one of her die. She uses this to increase one of the results of 2 to a 3. This now gives her 3 successes, just enough to pass the Test. Her companions race by as she braces herself beneath the weight of crumbling stone. With everyone safely through, she releases the archway and sprints to safety.

From the example, it looks like that Complex test are a lot harder to pass than Simple test. For now I am just not sure if they are limited to one roll dice or also used for "Prolonged task" that could take a few days (ritual ?) and involve multiple rolls.

That's it for now, So far we learned that Souldbound will play a lot like Shadowrun old edition or GW wargames.

Cu next week for more info on the Age of Sigmar RPG.


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Warhammer Age of Sigmar pre-orders and Warscrolls

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Small thumb forbidencover

Hello everyone !!!

It's Saturday and pre-orders are up (or soon if you are in the states). Forbidden power is pre-order, as well as the new Scenery range Dominion of Sigmar. Check out the Warscrolls for everything down there.

Shattered Dominion of Sigmar Collection : Big combo of board + Scenery

Soul Wars: Forbidden Power

Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais

Dominion of Sigmar: Shattered Temple

Dominion of Sigmar: Timeworn Ruins

Dominion of Sigmar: The Enduring Stormvault

Forbidden Power Warscroll Cards

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power: The Scenery

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer tv team just revealed more info about the Penumbral engines and the Enduring Stormvault .

Following Forbidden Power rules,
-All Age of Sigmar armies get to add a Penumbral Engine.
-At the star of the game you roll one dice for all Penumbral Engines on the battlefield to select the power they have. The Corrupted by Sigmar version or The Original Teclis intent ^^

warhammer age of sigmar penunbral engines rules

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Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power rules: The Artefacts

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Hello everyone !!!

Games Workshop just revealed more infos on the Stormvault Campaign.

Awakened Artefacts !

In the Stormvault Campaign, you and your opponents each race to unlock the Stormvaults, duking it out through a series of bespoke battleplans in search of treasure and glory. There’s a twist, however – in this campaign, you’ll have access to mysterious artefacts that increase in power over the course of your games.

Nice ! Forbidden Power rules integrating RPG elements is interesting and who doesn't like to lvl up ^^

How does it works ?

At the start of your second Stormvault Campaign games you'll be able to pic an awakened artefacts to represent the immense treasures contained in them. They works like any artefact of power you could find in the seraphon battletome but with a twist !
After each game the awakened artefact get a new power !!

Check this one :

warhammer age of sigmar awakened artefact gheistbane

My Minotaur lord like this awakened artefact !!! So in this exemple to lvl up you need to slay foes during an Age of Sigmar battle. Also Forbidden Power rules on artifacts create a new interesting dynamic :

This adds a new dynamic to your games for you and enemies. Do they try and slay the wielder of Gheistbane early in the battle, or do they risk you gaining a level and becoming stronger in the campaign overall? Do you hold back with your hero, or do you get stuck in early on to make the maximum impact?

source :


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Forbidden Power : Endless Spells Warscrolls

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Small thumb aosfpendlessspells may25 soulseeker3jvf

Hello there !!

Forbidden Power for age of sigmar is nearly on pre order and games workshop already released their Warscrolls !!

Lauchon the Soulseeker

Soulscream Bridge


Shards of Valagharr

Hot Takes

These Endless Spells being available to every Grand Alliance are going to be huge. Specialy Lauchon the SoulSeeker and the Soulscream Bridge. Who want to fight a Daugthers of Khaine list with teleport. But at the same time maybe theses Endless SPells are going to open some counter play against some boogeyman meta list.

Soulscream Bridge is super interesting because Only friendly unit can travel through it and in both side. The tricks you can do with this one are hugeeeee. Nothing prevent you to cast it near a friendly engaged unit and teleport it away and replace it by another unit with extended charge range !!! Super Fan of this endless spell. !! Yea warhammer age of sigmar is going to change again for sure !!

Horrorghast is a Bravery debuff the -2 maus against unit within 6 so it's potent in a bravery plan.

Shards of Valagharr : is maybe the most powerfull Endless spells in the game. but the roll off at the start of a battle turn make it super risky to use. But halving movement and -1 to hit to everyone on the line is scary !!!

Note that all these Spell have extended effect in the realm of Death that project them in the OP category ^^ Imagine a shard that could place 12" from the caster and then place the second 12" !!!

I really like these spells and want to try them in my Beast of Chaos army or The Nurgle force that i am setting up ! These movements tricks are desirable when you are slow as a Blight King !

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Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power Lore

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Small thumb aosfplore may14 paheofmyth6ujs

Hello everyone !!!

Great new article by Warhammer Tv team about the lore in the next age of Sigmar extension: Forbidden Power.

Lore Summary

-Stormvaults are "phat loot" chests with Relics and Items/power/spells too dangerous for the Mortal Realms. (So the Nagash Prisoner is inside ?)
-Aelven god Teclis built during the age of Myth: Enlightenment Engines to share is knowledge of ....well everything.
-Sneaky Sigmar decided to invert the Teclis creation to hide Stormvault.
-Smith God Grungni helped (Teclis rival) and transformed Enlightenment Engines into Penumbral Engines to Obscure and conceal

-Necroquake Happen and shake things up, lot of Sigmar Stormvault are discovered and everyone is rushing to loot. Karadron want to plunder vaults and Idoneth want to repair Penumbral Engine to hide entire armies!

-A great Ancient evil is trapped under the shore of Lake Lethis !!

Honestly, I am really curious to read who is under the Lake as it will probably mean a new army or sub-faction to the Death Grand Alliance.
Still hoping for a big surprise here and why not Age of Sigmar Tomb king ^^

Go read the full article here: Forbbiden power lore

Endless Spells

The descriptions of the new endless spells for Age of Sigmar in the video is interesting knowing they are available to every army!

-Teleport spell for a cost (soul)
-Bravery debuff
-Move blocker


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Age of Sigmar : Forbidden Power & Dominion of Sigmar Price

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Small thumb forbiddenpowerpreview may12 share6wjcd

Hello everyone !!

Lot of Expensive plastic this week. Especially if you want Dominion Of Sigmar (wargaming terrains) and The Forbidden power extension.

Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power price : 55£ / 70€
Dominion of Sigmar, The Enduring Stormvault price : 95£ / 125€ (ouchies)
Dominion of Sigmar, Sigmarite Dais : 40£ / 55€
Dominion of Sigmar, Shattered Temple : 27.50£ / 35€
Dominion of Sigmar, Timeworn Ruins : 25£ / 32.5€

Ok the kit is massive still 125€ is a big price tag for wargaming terrains. Especially in world filled with 3d printer and on the wargaming terrain 28mm segment.

Because if you buy the whole pack for 250€ you are not far from a decent 3D printer that you can upgrade yourself :D

Anyway the Age of Sigmar terrains look great painted and i love painting wargame terrains (with my Air Brush off course^^) so i think i am buying them anyway.

Try searching for : wargaming terrains 28m on it's fun ^^


created : 13 days ago

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Soulbound : An Age of Sigmar RPG

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Hello everyone !!

Age of Sigmar Rpg update :

Cubicle7 the group behind the Warhammer fantasy roleplay 4th edition updated their blog with new infos on their next product Soulbound an Age of Sigmar Rpg.

Soulbound Starter Set

The starter set for soulbound will have :

-Book 1 : An adventure book that will teach players and GMs how to play Soulbound
-Book 2 : City guide that will give more information on a brand new city in the realm of Aqshy
-Pre-generated Charaters,
-Player Handouts
-Reference Sheets
-Goodies (no details yet)

Starter set cover :

Charaters Archetypes

An Archetype defines the broad strokes of the character you play in the game. It may be your job, a calling, a military rank, or something a little more esoteric, but whatever it is it represents who you are when you first pick up the dice.

Sound a lot like a starting proffession mix background story and they have very cool Illustrations already:

We also think it’s important to focus on daily life and what it entails for the people who live there. This will give both players and GMs an idea of what it would be like to adventure in these lands, who they might meet, and the threats they might face. It provides a grounding for you to set your adventure in any Realm you choose.

I was hoping for something like this !! Let be honest one minutes, Age of Sigmar setting is great and the vastness of the Realms is good to create Races / Civilisations / Worlds for a miniatures wargame like Warhammer Age of Sigmar. But it lack the details and the common life we used to know about the old world. Off course the Old World was inspired by Europe and it was easy to relate.

I am really eager to read the descriptions of the different Realms and play this Age of sigmar Rpg

Next Monday C7 is explaining how Tests Work in Soulbound !!


Source :

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Forbidden Power: Unboxed !

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Small thumb fpunboxing may13 boxspread2ujce

Hello everyone !!

This weekend the new Age of Sigmar expansion by Games Workshop is on pre-order.
As usual Warhammer TV team tease some stuff :

Introduction : Content of the Box :

-One Penumbral Engine sprue,( scenery available for each army).
-3 Endless spells sprues
-Warscroll cards with rules for everything in the box + plus the new Dominion of Sigmar scenery…
-Tokens for endless spells
-Core rules
-Forbidden power book

Forbidden Power – The Book

For me, the most anticipated part of this book is the storyline progression and i hope for some great reveal :

TECLIS Lord of illumination is announced as a dramatis personae !!! in the Summary. As well as the "Great Maker", Sigmar, and Nagash.

Teclis is back !!!! Awesome !! I am not sure what does it mean for the identity of the prisoner in the vault that was spoiled with this illustration :

Maybe the prisoner is connected to the Elves of Light, maybe it's related to Slaanesh ? but it wouldn't make sense with the Nagash Ally tease we got the other day.

If you are more concerned with the rules inside the book, be at ease :
-New campaign system to lvl up characters
-New realm of battles rules (Stygxx)
-2 new combined forces : Lethisian Defenders for the Order with :
*Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin, Kharadron Overlords, Fyreslayers.
*Legion of Grief – a new Legion of Nagash led by Lady Olynder herself who allow you to combine the terrifying might of the
Nighthaunt’s full roster with Bravery-manipulating game mechanics, gravesites and more
-Flesh Eater Courts and Fyreslayers mercenaries

Hyped by the Legion of Grief !!!! I really hope Games Workshop bring some cool new mechanisms to Age of Sigmar.


This Age of Sigmar expansion look interesting. I am still a bit bummed that the new chapter don't have a new army (or a new chamber ^^).
But if Forbidden Power is Age of Sigmar 2.5 i guess Elves of light vs Something in prison could be the future release.

Source :


ps : Will do a review if UPS stop failing ^^

created : 13 days ago

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Pre-order Forbidden Power & Dominion of Sigmar

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Small thumb forbiddenpowerpreview may12 share6wjcd

Hello everyone !!

It's time for Forbidden power to awaken :D

Forbidden power is the next expansion for Warhammer Age-of-Sigmar by Games Workshop.
The official description is :

The 88-page Forbidden Power book tells of the battle for the Midnight Tomb, as the spectral armies of Nagash lay siege to the free city of Lethis, seeking to break into the Grand Stormvault hidden beneath its streets. In addition, you will find new rules for recreating the armies that fought for Lethis, for fighting battles in the grim region of Shyish known as Stygxx, and for playing a campaign to conquer multiple Stormvaults hidden across the Mortal Realms to capture the powerful relics within.

There’s something for every faction in the book, so no matter which grand alliance you fight for or the deity you serve, your army can fight for the right to loot the forbidden Stormvaults too!

Included in the box :
1 new scenery the Penumbral Engine for Age of sigmar
4 Endless spells Soulscream Bridge, Horrorghast, Shards of Valagharr and Lauchon the Soulseeker
+ Warscrolls cards for spells and all the new Dominion scenery range (Value !!! if you plan to add these scenery box to your age of sigmar)

created : 14 days ago

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