Wrath of the Everchosen Fluff Review !

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Hello everyone !!

The second part of the review is this time about the fluff! If you want to check the first part follow this link.

First we are going to do a summary of the events happening, then we will describe the Setting of the Wrath of the Everchosen (Background and objectives) and lastly, we will look at the unravelling of the events ( War act 1 and 2)

What happens in the Wrath of the Everchose is pretty straightforward, Nagash want to capitalize on the Necroquake messing with the 8 points to launch an attack on the Shyish Realmgate fortress and then proceed to conquer the 8 points. It's even better knowing that Archaon is never at home because he's tracking Slaanesh prison!

Setting of the Wrath of the Everchosen

The fluff in the book clears a certain number of questions I had on the different factions (death and chaos). Honestly, it was a fine piece of fluff to read.

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

persons of interest Backgrounds

What I found interesting were the details given. We learn that Ossiarch Bonereapers were made before the age of chaos but Nagash was keeping them stashed for when he could find a new General for them.
Nagash believed that Katakros was dead and when he escaped from under the Lake Tethis he was formless and was reforged into the actual Katakros
Archaon is worshipped like a demi-god by a bunch of mortals followers, even more than the gods. Still, this is not all dark and skulls in the 8 points. Necroquake Ravaged Archaon home, 2 Realm gates were closed (Ashqy and Ghyran) The Realm Gate of Ghur is inside a beast named FangaThrak ! a segmented, multi-legged creature whose mouth is a realm gate(lol). Azyr gate is not accessible and all this combined with the Necroquake make it hard to move troops around the realms.

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

Also, we learn about the Varanite, the 8points Realmstone AkA Super Warp Stone!

A lot of details were omitted and there is much more to read, I really enjoyed the fluff of the Wrath of Archaon

Lots of different objectives

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

The Shyish side of the realm gate is held by Chaos (Gothizzar Bastion) but Nagash sends a continuous flow of undead to keep the pressure. Also, it's fun to read that even Archaon consider Nagash Megalomaniac (haha).

Archaon has a throne inside the Varanspire (the huge sword-shaped Archaon tower in the middle of the 8points) but he doesn't sit on it, at least until he conquers everything. And Right now his motivation is getting Slaanesh back, after centuries of scrying by the Silver Tower guy he managed to track Slaanesh sub realm prison.

Nagash was kind of surprised that the Necroquake, sabotaged by Chaos. Wrecked the 8points so much. With Katakros described as a better General than Archaon, his legion at the ready and Lady Olynder bringing the Nighthaunt, Nagash think that the Chaos Realm is Ripe for the taking !!!

It's War !!!

I don't want to spoils all the details but the fight can be divided into 2 acts. First one is Katakros attacking the Realmgate while Archaon is talking with Slaanesh and then the War inside the Chaos Realm!

Act 1

As I mentioned before Archaon found Slaanesh realms, then found his prison then Trashed the Twin gods forces (Tyrion and Teclis) and "TALKED" with a god of Chaos! This passage is my favourite as it shapes what Archaon is, what does he think of the Chaos god and how does he act in their presence. I call it the Netflix effect but recently there is a trend to give "humanity and personality " to bad guys in heroes tv-shows or movies (Daredevil S1 with the Caid, Joker, Thanos...). It's made so we can relate to them's a bit like this with Archaon, Katakros and Nagash...They all want stuff, even Slaanesh!

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

Don't ask me why but while reading this I imagined Slaanesh as the Freedy Mercury from the recent Queen biopic! (I want to Break Free ^^)

So Archaon start to breaking one chain holding Slaanesh then he sees the Varanspire under attack !!

On the Chaos side, we have the Poor Saskarid, rumoured to be joining soon the rank of the Varanguard. Damn even the commander in chief of the 8points is not into the Varanguard ? (I say "poor" because he has it rough ^^ )

The fight starts on Chaos Realm in Karheight Fortress (Realmgate defence on the Chaos side) and it doesn't look good :

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

After some events during the battle, Lord Saskarid advised by the tongueless wizard (the Gaunts Boss from the Silver Tower) is in a bad situation, but still want to keep is honour intact! (we are very far from Chaotic Evil Knights don't you think ?)

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

Note: that Beastmen and Bullgors are mentioned multiple time during this war and they are not present in the rules section :(

Act 2

The Battle of Haradh's Torment is the second phase of Katakros invasion. The Gaunt wizard raised a big big big force of Nurgle, Khorne and Darkoath marauders and routed back Lady Olynder. Still, it all was planned by Katakros and he baits them in a good spot for a second Crushing victory for the Force of Death.

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

After the battle instead of pursuing the fleeing armies left, he start building a Bones Citadel. The Arx Terminus. It's really bloody the way they build it ^^ Gothizzar Harvesters cleaning bodies to supply material, to the "Necro Thralls of the builder caste". After a while, the old Chaos Citadel is replaced with a fortress, All but unbreachable.

More siege happens, but each time chaos is routed and using the bones material provided by the Flayed one Katakros finish his Citadel.
He then launches an assault onto the 8points, clearing the Chaos Dwarf citadel of any life in a long term goal to deprive Archaon of resources.

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

Then Katakros march to the Varanspire but Archaon comes home, furious that he was interrupted with Slaanesh and sure that the twins' gods are now going to repair and move the god prison! Huge battle happen and in the end Archaon crush Katakros while Be Lakor banish Olynder from the 8points!

Conclusion : As planned i was crushed

Slaanesh small talk with Archaon

That's it for the review, I'll admit that I had a lot of fun reading the fluff of the Wrath of the Everchosen! AOS is still a fresh setting and this multi-way war is at the end, more interesting (to me ) than the Emperium fighting everything fluff.


Wrath of the Everchosen Rules review
Wrath of the Everchosen Fluff review

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Age of Sigmar rumour : Ossiarch Bonereaper Leaks (with rules)

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hello everyone !!

Just got home ^^, a lot of images floating around showing a Spanish Version of the Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome.

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome leak rules rumour

Some 4chan traductions :

  • Punishment of Pain - Castigo de Dolor: Choose an enemy unit wholly within 18, on a 4+ subtract 1 to hit rolls until your next hero phase.

  • Punishment of Death - Castigo de Muerte: 1 mortal wound on a 2+ to an enemy unit within 36

  • Punishment of Ignorance - Castigo de Ignorancia: Choose an enemy Wizard within 36", on a 2+ subtract 1 to rolls for casting, shooting(?), and unbinding until your next hero phase.

  • Punishment of Lethargy - Castigo de Letargo: Choose a unit wholly within 18" and fully visible. Roll a die, on a 4+ that unit cannot run until your next hero phase, in addition, they may only roll 1D6 to charge instead of 2D6 until your next hero phase.

(thx sarges)

Ossiarch Navigation :

Ossiarch Bonereaper Reveal at Nova
Ossiarch Bonereaper Community Reaveal
Ossiarch Leak from Spanish Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome


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New Ossiarch Bonereaper Pictures

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Small thumb army wc

Hello everyone

via Warhammer Community


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Age Of Sigmar The Tithe: Episode III – Mortarch

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Small thumb thetithe3

Hello everyone !!

Another teasing video about the new Death army and their mysterious leader.
This release look more and more interesting with these new foot soldier in the video. Maybe new catapult also ?

Full reveal at NOVA is next week end !!!

Check the previous Age of Sigmar new death army video teaser by clicking on the link

Also if you missed an episode it all started a few months ago with lake Lethis Battle, check one of the first Teaser about The new Death Mortarch from Forbidden Power


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Age of Sigmar, The Tithe II: Judgement

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Small thumb thetithe

Hello everyone !!

New Tithe Video (number 2) about the new Death army for Age of Sigmar

Not much to say (yet) but it's supposed to be a new skeleton army providing IP protection to GW.
I wonder how it's going to turn out.

The fluff, for now, is This Death General that was under Lake Lethis because too strong to be Erased by even Sigmar. We also learn that he was a general in life and then an Emperor in Death. He now (or he used) to lead an army from city to city asking for a Tithe of bones, not paying enough mean a Harvest ^^

Third Video about the new Death Mortarch for Age of Sigmar is here

Also if you missed an episode it all started a few months ago with lake Lethis Battle, check one of the first Teaser about The new Death Mortarch from Forbidden Power

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Guess who's coming to dinner ?

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Small thumb 59696168 10156302552221302 558818559954780160 n

Hello there !!

This image is from the last White Dwarf and tease an old ally coming back to Nagash. This started a conversation on FB.

Settra was sugested but i don't think he can be called an "old ally" and he's now a Stormcast ^^

But don't forget the Official Tease :

So "it" escape ? And he got 3 eyes ?
The circlet remind me of TK in the warhammer rts

This discussion was on the AOS FB fan group :

My money on Krell Or Tomb King Faction reveal !
What do you think ?


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Latest Short Story about Malign Portent !

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Small thumb heart

Hello everyone !!

Cause Célèbre (in french in the text)

‘Order! Order!’
Sevastean Mench banged his ceremonial hammer on the polished surface of the wyrmwood debating table. The priceless antique had taken quite a beating these last few days, but it seemed to be the only way the Master Patriarch could get the two hundred and forty-four Lords of the Heavenhall to keep their peace.

‘This is getting us nowhere!’ he shouted. The delegates of the Grand Conclave stared at him in various states of affrontery or contempt. ‘We cannot meet this new era of darkness divided, or we will be picked off, whittled away, and slain in our beds!’

Read the rest on malign portent it worth it !

ps : I demand pen & paper rpg for aos with an HammerHal setting now !


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Nick Horth twitch talk with Ceri (Aos fluff)

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Small thumb nickandcerci

Hello everyone !!

I know it's a day late (sorry) but here the transcript of the Twitch talk with Nick Horth one the Fluff Author for AoS.


Resides in the Land of Death
He has a citadel: Citadel of Nagash, where death magic is so powerful the living can't even step inside.
His citadel was sacked during the Age of Chaos but he wasn't there and when he went back he burned hsi enemies there for all eternity.
Waiting in the shadow, and laying the ground works during the realm-gate wars,

Shyish has a lot of realm stones (crystallized magic) at the edge of the realm and for a lonnnnnnng time Nagash has been harvesting it with his skeleton thralls (The large column of skeletons we saw in the malign portents video) each one return a few gramme of realm stone. What is he's doing with it?

Ps : He mentioned that Shyish edges are territory too dangerous for living to venture.

Age of myth : Nagash was part of Sigmar pantheon and was playing nice with other gods.
At the time he was in control of the Land of Death but wasn't ruling it with his iron fist.

Shyish : World of ending, underworld for each realm. This land is composed of all the after life beliefs of the different empire/country in the 8 realms. The more people trust a specific vision of the afterlife the larger it is represented in Shyish.

Souls are resources for Nagash and a very important one. He sees himself as the master of all dead things (soul included). And when Sigmar made the Stormcasts he crossed a line as he used dying or dead souls.

Slaanesh : during the destruction of world that was, she devoured a lot of elves souls and she's trapped now by elves gods (Teclis, tyrion, ?). Morathi in the shadow realms was mentioned as being on the Nagash grudge list for stealing the souls dripping from Slanesh.

Nagash has dominion over all the Undead (Vampire and all tomb kingdom included^^)

The 3 Mortarchs lead his legions,

The Upside Down Pyramid is made of Realm Stone, no one know what he's doing with it.
Still, it started sending ripples of Death Magic into the realms (sending death souls into living)

Manfred is the favorite Mortarch of the nick (lol ....)
Manfred is ruling a part of shyish, a land modeled like the country he always wanted to rules. With servants looking like people that wronged him in the past (and the list is long)

Arkhan : Favorite of Nagash, 2nd best at Death magic, he has a college of black necromancers (elite wizards) doing secret mission for him.

Nefertata : Rules a palatial lands with bunch of vampire courtesans (Vampire Versailles ^^) ,
They send a lot of spies in the realms. Nefertata is the First Soulblight vampire (drank Nagash's blood).

Blood Seeker Palanquin fluff : Ruled by a vampire matriarch named Sanguinor, they are looking for the perfect blend of blood (like wine tester ^^)

Blood-Knight : Fight with an honor code, with twisted morality.

Prince Vhordrai : First blood-knight, riding Undead dragon, long time Nagash field commander. Tried to kill Nagash, Imprisoned century. Now released by Nagash, has a teleporting castle “Crimson keep” but can't leave it for too long. So the keep teleports in place of a ruined castle and the prince starts rampaging.

Ghouls : Follow Nagash but not all of them, and they follow him out of convenience to eat the remains of fallen foes. Nagash doesn't have control on them.

Sigmar sent envoys and messages to Nagash asking him to rejoin the Pantheon (like Allariel ) he did not yet.

Nagash on Mannfred and betrayal destroying the World that was. Nagash doesn't get emotional like Chaos gods/Sigmar … He sees Mannfred as a tool and an incredible useful one. Secondly keeping Mannfred under his rule is a form of punishment as Mannfred's goal was always to be the top dog(but never succeeded ^^)

Nagash in Malign portent stops the nurgle rot, and some human tribe see him as a protector. He offers protection against Nurgle's Rot/Chaos Gods but there is a big cost !

Meta power of: Sigmar/Chaos Gods/Nagash. Chaos Gods are eternal and powered by emotions so it's difficult to imagine them dying . But Nagash and Sigmar have potential to rise and stop being the underdogs. For example, if Nagash transforms everyone in an Undead, chaos god would vanish as they would be no more emotions fueling them ^^


Was interesting !!


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Legion of night !

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Small thumb legionsofnagash feb02 feature0bs 320x320

Hello everyone !!

New teaser for Nagash battletome : Legion of Night !
This legion is led by Mannfred von Carstein the Destroyer of world ;)

Mannfred BIO

If you use Legion of Night keyword you get :

Bait :

Stack well with gravesite !

Cunning :

Allow more agressive gravesite usage.

New artefacts/Traits :

Unbending will :

Unholy Impetus :

Cursed Blade :

Morbehgs Claw:

(Combo !)

Formation :

Nightfall pack :

Mannfred + Vargheist + Skel.
Grant Swooping Predators to you Vargheist.

I don't understand why Nagash still have Mannfred as a Mortarch ^^ He is even Better than loki with Thor :D

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Custodes, Nagash and Thousand sons ! (Open Day)

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Hello everyone !!

Lot of stuff revealed today :

Custodes in 40k ! with jet bikes (lovely)
Thousand sons codex.
Force of Nagash (sound like a rerun of Death grand alliance but heh)

Check here :

Video :
Custodes :
Thousand Sons :
Nagash Legion :

More image at

Edit: added a grey hunter upgrade pack image from valrak too .


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