DeathWatch rules in the next WD

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Hello everyone !!

DW and Harlies are getting rules from the WD :

Across the run of the Psychic Awakening books, almost every Warhammer 40,000 faction has had its time in the spotlight as the narrative of a galaxy in turmoil has encompassed them. As well as the story, each faction has received rules updates to give you more options on the battlefield.

Two factions – the Deathwatch and the Harlequins – aren’t in the books, but remain forces to be reckoned with. As such, they’re getting new rules like everyone else, but in their case across two issues of White Dwarf. First up are the xenos-hunting Space Marines of the Deathwatch, coming your way in White Dwarf 453. Let’s take a look at what’s coming.

Rules Update

This update brings the Deathwatch in line with the rest of their Adeptus Astartes brothers. They gain the Angels of Death suite of abilities, including Shock Assault, Bolter Discipline and Combat Doctrines.

This is only enhanced by their new Stratagems, which are the same ones gained by other Chapters, putting the Deathwatch on par with the rest of their brethren.

Stratagems of the Long Watch

primaris deathwatch
primaris deathwatch

Primaris DW

primaris deathwatch

our Intercessors have a trio of Stratagems that give each of their bolt rifles additional abilities. Boltstorm gives auto bolt rifles automatic hits within half range, while Intercessors with stalker bolt rifles can fire at Characters and cause mortal wounds using Target Sighted. Rapid Fire turns bolt rifles into Rapid Fire 2 weapons, doubling the firepower of a squad armed with them – and with Bolter Discipline and the Tactical Doctrine active, this doubles again at close range, for a storm of armour-piercing shots that few foes will survive.

primaris deathwatch
primaris deathwatch
primaris deathwatch

Finally, the update gives Deathwatch Intercessor Sergeants new weapons options, including hand flamers, power fists and thunder hammers, providing you with loads of new tools to use in purging the xenos from the Imperium!

DW chaplain

get the new litanies :

primaris deathwatch
primaris deathwatch

Available the 2 may digitally.


created : 3 months ago

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Deathwatch codex errata & FAQ

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Hello again !!

CODEX: DEATHWATCH Official Update Version 1.0 is released.
No dramatic change but a few clear up.
Solved the Aux launcher quantity ^^


created : about 2 years ago

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Deathwatch codex review

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Hello everyone !!

This week GW sent us the DeathWatch codex for review (thx).
I'll start with the fluff/illustration and then the rules.

Illustration & Fluff

There are a lot of very fine artwork in the book. I know this is open to interpretation but i personally liked the visual of the book. Especially all the fighting scenes that look like early 2000 comics !



There are a few tidbits of fluff on how the DW works, stay vigilent and so on..

The most interesting part is of course the Primaris question :

Here a force organisation of a fortress.

Fortress description

They have Primaris : Watch captain, Librarian, Chaplain (spoiler, nearly all the Primaris released yet are present in the codex)

Let's jump to the rules part !!

The Rules !

This codex is first a space marines codex, so you get most of the options you would find in a chapter codex.
Chapter master, captain, librarian, chaplain, all the Primaris Marines entry (but lieutenant and gravis captain), Dread, LR, Corvus.
-They get the usual special rules : Combat squad and Atsknf.
-Special issue ammunition for every bolter.
-Troops get defenders of humanity if battle forged + mission tactics (reroll wound roll of 1 against a selected type of target)
-They get some nasty stratagem against xenos.
-Multiple stratagem grating +1 to wound rolls vs a type of target.

There 4 entry that i want to look closely : Veteran squad, Intercessor squad, Terminator squad, bike squad.

created : about 2 years ago

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Building Primaris Kill Teams

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Hello again everyone !!

Building Deathwatch squad preview by WHTV.

You can build Primaris Kill team by mixing the different models.
Each one grant you a special rule to the whole squad.
They didn't spoke of mixed Oldmarines/Primaris.

-Intercessor : Bulk of the unit/ special ammo.
-Reivers : grant terror troops. (-1 ld)
-Agresssors : Relentless advance (no penalty to move/advance and shoot heavy or assault.)
-Inceptors : Fall back and shoot.
-HellBlaster : No rules.

Source :

created : about 2 years ago

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Codex: Deathwatch Preview – Focused. Adaptable. Deadly.

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Hello everyone !!

Deathwatch first preview by Warhammer Tv.

-Primaris get special ammo too.
-New ammo on stratagem. (1d3 mortal on a vehicle hit)
-Chapter tactics is a reroll wound roll of 1, for 1 type of units (troop, fast attack..) choose at start.
-There are multiple way to adapt the chapter tactics and change it.

Seem interesting


we'll do our preview when the dex is here ^^


created : about 2 years ago

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Next Week on pre-order !

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Morning everyone !!

Next week on pre order :

-Leviadon for AOS
-Death watch codex ( post coming when review material arrive)
-Made to order with Dark elves old models. (one week only)


source :

created : about 2 years ago

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Painting tutorial video for Corvus Blackstar (By Dunkan)

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Hello all !

painting tutorial from Warhammer TV focuses on the new Deathwatch gunship, the Corvus Blackstar.


created : almost 4 years ago

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You need Frag canon ?

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Hello everyone !!

Since the Deatwatch released the Frag Canon is hot stuff and the sneaky grot of
made one ! ^

This set contains three high quality resin Legionary Frag Launcher designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers. 3 for 6.99e

Pretty neat heh ?


created : almost 4 years ago

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Small narrative video for deathwatch last wave ! (+ assembly video )

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Hello !!

Small intro video for the last deathwatch wave.
Very cool i must say :D

And a video for assembling a kill team.
Edit : Very instructive video.


created : almost 4 years ago

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Pre order for this week

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hello all !!

Bunch of stuff up for pre order this week

-Corvus Blackstar of course !
- Bunch of KillTeam pack and variation.
- Command line up (chap + friends)

Corvus is so good looking !!


created : almost 4 years ago

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