Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening Blood of Baal fluff review

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Hello everyone !!

Blood of Baal is the third instalment of the ongoing series Psychic Awakening. The series is the aftermath of the galaxy post-Cadia/Indomitus crusade. The first episode was on Eldar and was moderately interesting, the second book about CSM & Black Templars was not great and I hope the third one will have some good fluff.

The situation in a nutshell

Psychic awakening 3 review

The Red Scar is a section of the galaxy that got hit by a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. This is the largest Nids invasion recorded (made by leviathan) and of course, at the core, there is Baal (the whole thing is named War Zone Baal).

To be honest, the fluff is not very detailed. It briefly talks about the event of Cryptec, where BA and Necrons allied together to defend those worlds. Then the hive fleet comes to Baal (Devastation of Baal). from there the timeline and the details are a bit foggy. But in a nutshell, Nids attack, all hope is lost.

In this version of the fluff, Blood Angels were saved by the Warp this time. When the great rift appeared after the fall of Cadia everything went upside down in the zone. When radars started working again, the Tyranids Motherships were gone...Nids were nom nom nom by the Big Warp. No words of Ka'Bandha leading an army of Khornate daemons to clear Baal Prime

Still, there were innumerable numbers of Nids everywhere in the sectors. And while they had reversed to animal behaviour because of the loss of their motherships. The situation looked grim for the Blood Angels. Again they are saved and this time by Gulliman and his Primaris. Together they took back half of the planet Baal giving the time to the BA to regroup.

If you want more details, read these wikis :

Dark side action

Then we a few short stories about how it goes from there :

-Some Flesh tearer combats descriptions.
-Guilliman appoint Dante as Imperium Nihilus Regent
-Dante and other chapter master make a plan to take back Angel halo and then all the sector.
-Everyone Obey Dante now.
-New Psychic beast draining Astropath and obscuring a full planet.
-No more black ship cruise the Nihilus Imperium.
-SM librarians are doing scan for Psykers in the population, especially in all the refugees camp.
Psychic awakening 3 review

-An abnormal amount of human psyker is appearing. Even if the Black ships were here it would still be too much!
-Primaris fall to the black rage like other marines, meaning they are true sons of Sanguinius. Eliminator sergeant, Chaplain are examples given in the fluff.
Psychic awakening 3 review
Psychic awakening 3 review


The book is interesting fluff wise nothing earth breaking but in 20 pages you see what the situation is in the zone, what are doing the Blood Angels and give some hints of what's going to happen.

Have questions ? Just ask !


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Age of Sigmar Ossiarch Bonereapers : Mortek Guards models and Sprues analysis

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Hello everyone !!!

Mortek guards are the main foot troopers of the new army the Ossiarch Bonereapers. GW presented the model and sprues as easy to build and highly customizable. Having a sprue of them inside Feast of Bones I wanted to show you what could be the future of "basic" troops in GW games.

Awesome models but kind of small

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

The models are highly detailed with lots of character. I think they found the sweet spot between personality and the simplicity needed for a battleline unit.
I never noticed on the image but the mortek guard is small, thin and based on 25mm.

ps: I know it's supposed to be a Models/hobby focused post but being on 25mm is very strong. You can pile in more of them in combat, they are a lot easier to fit in a wholly within 6" or 12"! Even the 3" from the Harvester is a lot easier to trigger !!

In love with the mortek Guard !

Sprue design from the future

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

As you can see, each of the 10 bodies is made of 2 parts, these two parts are fixed so don't mess up the numbers and follow the manual. All 10 have different poses and even if some are pretty close they are a bit different and that's acceptable (i think)

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

The heads, shields and weapons are all different and all interchangeable ! you don't even need the guidebook once the bodies are glued. Also, Weapons arms are freely posable and you can glue them in a bunch of distinctive position.

ps: The blade or Spear arms are kind of hard to glue because of the freeness allowed.

ps2: Call me Crazy but maybe I want to magnetize the spears and the blades! I am not sure yet I need to run some test!

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

10 models use 2 sprues (heads are on the other sprue)

Assembled and Primed

One Hekatos

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

Note that the Hekatos is defined by his shield, sword, head (2choices). So that means i could have used a different body.

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

Here 2 models assembled they are primed light grey with a white zenithal from the top. I want to paint them with contrast paints, I'll post my recipe once done!

That's it for now!

Mortek guard is a very fine kit! mixing perfectly simplicity and customisation. Maybe the models are a bit small but once i have 120 of them on the table it will be ok i think :D


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Age of Sigmar : Ossiarch Bonereapers Battletome review !

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Hello everyone !!

A new army in Age of Sigmar is always a big event. On the other hand, the expectaction are higher than for a battletome remake. Will this Battletome be Great? or simply ok? let's dive in right away because there is a lot to say!


The book is Hardcover, around 100 pages with excellent illustration and very good finish. As usual nothing bad to say about the quality, everything is very well made.
Content is fluff, photos and rules.

Fluff start with some general info on Death and the Ossiarchs then you get one page for each sub-faction and Warscrolls.

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

There is even a nice Hierarchy Pyramid. Addendans and Exiles are at the bottom but are not in the Battletome so maybe for the future. Fluff in the book is quite nice with a lot of info.

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

He goes to war on Foot!

That's it for the non-rules part so let's get to the interesting part!

Ossiarch Bonereapers Allegiance Abilities !

-Nagash and Arkhan are in the book and gain the Ossiarch keyword.
-Legion : 6 legions
-Deathless warriors: Fnp 6 if you are wholly within 6" a unit champion or wholly within 12" a hero. Strong but the range is small for big units.
-No battleshock test.
-Discipline points, work like command points. Each turn, you generate one per hero, 3 for katakros and then you roll 1d6 per unit (including heroes) on a 6 you gain 1. You can only use them on Ossiarch ability, so can't use the one from the rules book or Realms rules. But you can spam them as most of your units have access to one or two.
-Unstoppable Advance: Command ability can be used by any unit with a champion or by a hero. +3move. (can't stack it off course)

The allegiances abilities are interesting and allow numerous strategic decisions :


I usually don't bother with warscrolls as they go online at the same time but this time full warscrolls spoils :

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

Also, note that both Morghast versions are in the book as well as Nagash and Arkhan.

There is a lot to say :
1) Katakros is awesome and weird at the same time! (500pt)
2) Boneshakers are awesome !! (130pts)
3) All these command abilities spam are creating a huge amount of synergies and units are a lot stronger on the table than on the warscrolls.
4) Stalkers are crazy! (200 pt for 3)
5) Huge units of Morterk Guard could be hard to use with the relatively short-range and wholly within keywords of the command abilities. (13pts up to 40models with discount)
6) No ally
7) Kavalos riders are kind of cheap at 180 for 5 and a discount at max strength

Items & relics

Each hero have one list of relics and there are a lot of very strong options like :

Helm of the Ordained: +1 to hit wholly within 12" of the bearer(liege)
Artisan key: pick 2 unit to heal or 1 unit to heal twice (Boneshaper)
Lode of saturation: pick one unit, they get fnp on 5+ for the whole turn (boneshaker)
Gothizzar Cartouche: +1 to wounds for friendly death units ww 9" (Soulmason)

Spell lores

6 spells, arkhan and nagash know them all ^^

1) Arcane command: diff 5, gain 1d3 command points
2) Super Nadirite weapons: diff 5, range 24", friendly unit affected score a double hit on a 5+ (4+ for cav on charge)
3) Protection of Nagash: diff 6 self shield, 5+ FNP vs wounds and mortal wounds
4) Reinforce Battle Shield: diff 6, one friendly unit within 24" get a 5+ against mortal wounds
5) Drain Vitality : Target enemy within18" , diff 6, they must reroll 6 to hit and save ^^
6) Mortal Contract : Curse one unit for all the game, each time the cursed unit inflict on a ossiarch dmg they take 1d3 mortal on a 3+ at the end of said phase. Wierd but fun spell.

Lots of nice support spell, no super-strong attack spell so maybe you'll have to buy an endless spell for aggression.

Also : Endless spells are Cheap : (20 to 40)


As the question was asked : battalion !

  • Ossiarch Cohort 100pts :
  • It's the big one where you need multiple other Battalion and give 1d3 Commands points per turn

  • Mortek Sheild Corps 120pts
  • 1 mortisan and Vokmormtion + 3 Mortek : once per turn you get a free shieldwall command abilities. This one is kind of stupid because 120 points, is the price of a Stonemason granting 1 point per turn ^^

  • Mortisan Trident 110pts

  • One of each Mortisan and 1 Gothizzar Harvester , while the Gothizzar is within 3" of ennemy models and within 18" of a Mortisan from this Battalion it can cast an extra spell.

  • Katakrosian Deathglaive 80pts
  • 2 stalkers units and 1 Harbringer units: Free 6" move before the start of the battle

  • Aegis Immortal 80 pts
  • 2 Immortis Guard and 1 Archai : The Archai get the Soulbound abilities from the Immortis (no range) and on 5+ the wounds is simply negated. This one is actually ok

  • Kavalos Lance 120pts
  • Liege or Zandtos and 2 Deathriders unit : Retreat and charge while wholly within 12" of the Liege. Also one free Deathrider Wedge per turn . This one is ok but the price is steep :/

  • Mortek Ballistari 100pts
  • 1 Boneshaper , 1 mortek, 2 Crawlers : Mortek can transfert wounds from the Crawler on a 4+ if within 3 Or 2+ if the stone mason is within 3"

Ok, that's it for the Ossiarch review. The army is super cool, very interesting with a lot of depth. While the number of units limited it's still large enough to allow different setup. The inclusion of Nagash and Arkhan also open lots of options.

Ask questions!


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Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening : Phoenix Rising review (Spoilers Inside)

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Small thumb aeldariwarhost oct08 feature 471i4 320x320  1

Hello everyone !!!

Today goes on pre-order Phoenix rising the first chapter of Psychic Awakening.
Psychic Awakening is the Warhammer 40000 campaign dealing with the aftermath of the Great Rift cutting the galaxy in two. This review will first look at the fluff and then the rules added to the differents Eldar Factions.


Phoenix rising book is 80 pages long with hardcover. The quality is normal GW so nothing bad to say. There is a lot of illustration in it (old and new) making it a very good looking object! The rule section cover both Eldars and Dark Eldars only Harlequins are left out.


To me, the fluff is the most interesting part of the book and Games Workshop hyped it quite a lot. I don't want to copy all the story in the book but here are the juicy info, skim down if you don't want to be spoiled


  • Book confirm that you need the 5 Crones sword from morai heg or kill all Eldars to revive Ynnead

  • Last (5th) Crone sword has been stolen by Slaanesh and stocked in his palace

  • Yvraine admit the mass suicide is now the only way (i am not sure yet)

  • 5 or 6 pages of details on what are doing famous Craftworlds

  • Shalaxi Helbane and Syll lead a Slaanesh Hunter party to kill Yvraine and the Avatar

  • Dark Eldar are close to civil war as a lot of them join Yvraine

  • Vect sent Drahzar to kill Yvraine and was very very close to succeeding but Jain Zar saved her

  • 1 harlequin exiled from Cegorath join the band, accompagnied by a Human Female Psyker in Black power armour (and white hairs). The human has super strong psychic power, they also warn Yvraine of a new foe

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
  • Yvraine group is now 5 Champions: Jain zar, Visarch, mysterious exiled solitaire, Lelith Hesperax

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

  • Multiple fights happen on Exodite Worlds to save them from chaos (3 Phoenix Lord fight together there)

  • Lots of Eldars are gaining more psychic power since the big rift

  • Dino riders are mentioned multiple time

  • Exodite ride to wars with the Eldars now

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
  • the Last Stand happen on Iathglas a Hexodite world with a lot of spiritual power

  • Big fight Dnd fight happen, the 5 champions vs Hellbane, while a bunch of other Eldars sacrifice themself to hold the Slaanesh horde

  • Jain Zar start using the power of the dead to buff her now

  • , In the end, Shalaxi Helbane is banished but it was only a shard of his power and he was only having fun.
    Wtf? he was super close to winning vs Jain zar, Vizarch, avatar, Lilith, solitaire (KIA) and Yvraine and it was only a "glamour of his real self". Yea sure, why not just coming for real and delete reality

  • Story close on Eldars factions blaming each other

Fluff Conclusion
The story was nice even if the ending was a bit of a letdown, still not sure about the Title "Phoenix Rising". Still It gives a good idea of what Eldars have to do now. Also, I am pretty sure that the mission "Save the last Crone Sword from the Slaanesh Palace is happening onde day"


3 parts here, Craftworlds, Dark Eldars and Ynnari

Craftworlds rules

  • Updated Datasheet for Jain zar and the Banshee

  • Banshee are 13 points , jain is 115

  • Each sort of Aspect Warrior Exarchs get to choose new powers. You can exchange the standard power against a different one from a list of 6. All temple also have stratagem to stack 2 Exarch power .
  • Rune of Power: New Psychic Discipline representing Eldars getting new minor powers that are easier to manifest
  • Create your own Craftworld with these new attributes. Choose 2 from a list of 22 and build the one you like the most

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

  • Runes of Fortune

  • Instead of Smite, you can choose one from the table below :
    -Reroll one roll
    -add 2 Dmg to one psyker weapon (oO)
    - Bonus + 2 charge rolls (hello Banshee !)
    -Roll 3 dices on a 5+ deal one mortal wound (characters only)
    -Bonus 2 for unbind spell
    -Force one enemy unit to shoot at closest target unless the target is within 18" (trash^^)

Drukhari rules

Dark Eldars get updated Datasheet for Drahzar and Incubi. Like the Craftworlds cousins, they get traits to customise their: Kabals, Cults, Covens.

  • Drazhar and Incubi

  • They are now at 16pts and 120pts. Drazhar was already spoiled and he's a beast in melee if he can connect.

    The master of Blade power is super strong allowing Incubi (and Drazhar as well) to wounds more reliably

  • Obsessions

  • There are 3 lists of 8 Obsessions to choose from and you select 2. One list for Kabals, one for Covens and one for Cults.
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

A bit of everything in these lists, still i think you'll be able to customize your force to your liking.

Ynnari rules

Children of Ynnead allow you to field a mixed force of Eldar under the banner of the God of Death! Or mix the Trio into a Craftworlds, Harlequins, Drukhari army!
The rule is so complex that I prefer to post a full image of it (have fun ^^)

warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

Good luck with that one ^^

Also you gain :

  • Objective Secured for troops

  • Strength from the death : +1 to hit and fight first in a turn you lost an unit.

  • 6 Ynnari Warlords traits

  • *Fnp5+ and heal 1 each turn
    *+1A & +1S while Strenght from death is active (yvraine)
    *5+ cashback on CP spent and 1 rr per turn
    *-1 or -2 to LD within 6" (Ycarne)
    *pile in 6"
    *6 to hit score 2 hits (visarch)

    Decent list, Fnp5+ is interesting or maybe warden of soul to 1 A and 1 S on your general (Solitaire ?)

  • Revenant Discipline, all psyker in this army must select from this list
  • Gaze of Ynead : 1 , 1D3 or 1D6 mortal wounds
    Storm : 3d6 per enemy psyker around on a 6+ 1mw
    Word or the Phoenix: Heal D3 or revive one model on a 4+
    Unbind Souls : Debuff one target unit, reroll wounds against it for friendly Ynnari
    Shield of Ynnead 5++ for units within 6" (ho yea!)
    Grace : Buff, target friendly unit reroll 1 to hit.

    Gaze, Shield and Unbind souls are very strong and will help a lot.

  • 2 pages of stratagems

The Ynnari army looks interesting but to be honest, my Eldar List Building is quite weak. I have no idea on how to build an Eldar army (except Flyers spam of course ^^)

That's all for the review of this small campaign book. It is a must-buy if you play Eldar and still quite a good read if you are interested in the fluff.

ps: There is very little fluff in this book about Drazhar and Jain Fight. So I don't know if she was raised from dead by Yvraine if she won or if the fight was interrupted and the fluff didn't progress (like usual ^^)

ps2 : I'll complete the review tonight with more infos, (running late right now)


Psychic Awakening Navigation :

Psychic Awakening: The Second Prophecy Klaivex
Psychic Awakening: The First Prophecy Banshee Exarch
Psychic Awakening - Phoenix Rises
Jain Zar is Back !
Drazhar Master of Blades
Psychic Awakening - Harlequin enter the dance
Psychic Awakening - Blood of the Phoenix
Psychic Awakening - Blood of the Phoenix box price

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Age of Sigmar : Cities Of Sigmar Battletome Review

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Small thumb aoscitiesfocus sep23 feature20yhx 320x320

Hello everyone !!

Today we are going to do a quick review of Cities of Sigmar Battletome for Age Of Sigmar. I know it's a bit late but as you maybe know I was at the WTC this weekend and came home Monday morning.


Cities of Sigmar is the latest Order Battletome. It covers all the Order units from Warhammer Battle that Games Workshop wants to keep in Age of Sigmar. Of course, that doesn't include units from Chaos, Death or Destruction. In more details, you can find warscrolls from Empire, Wood Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves, Dark Elves all mixed/Classed by Theme (or City)

The Battletome offer a very Large choice and you can build an immensity of Army with it. Not only you can use a large number of old units from Warhammer, but you can include Stormcast, Sylvaneth, and Kharadron Overlord.

The book is incredibly thick with options and choices. After examining the Allegiance Abilities and the unit roster, the review will be articulated around each city.

Free Cities Allegiance Abilities

All the cities in the book get a few general rules :

  • Amplified Sorcery :

  • Endless Spells cast by Cities of Sigmar Wizard always benefit from the Realm bonus! This is insane, the different movement spells get huge benefit from the Realm improvement (Bridge with 24" range^^). Emerald Lifeswarm bumped to healing or resurrecting 1d6 wounds. Also Geminid and Burning head benefit a lot from this ability.

    Overall it's very cool!

  • Honored Retinue

  • If you play a general with less than 7 wounds you can pick up a retinue. On a 4+ the general can allocate the wound or mortal wound he suffers on the retinue. Handy to keep the frail Old World heroes alive ^^

  • General Adjutant

  • If you play a general with less than 7 wounds you can pick up a hero as a lieutenant.
    At the start of the turn, if the hero is within 3" of the general you can a command point on a 4+

  • Fixed Realm

  • Each city comes from a specific realm and you can't change it.

  • Stormcast

  • One every 4 units can be a Stormcast Note that the SCE is getting the cities of Sigmar keyword and the specific city keyword.

Including the full Stormcast roster to the very large Cities of Sigmar army is remarkably fun, imagine the number of combination you could do ^^ It makes my head spin.

Free Cities Unit Roster

While Cities Of Sigmar regroup many armies from the Old World. A lot of units were not included, i don't know what does it mean for them but i guess it can't be good ^^ Also remark a notable points reduction across the board on a large number of units.

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review
age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

See the number of Battleline entries, nearly half the Warscrolls can be made Battleline if you have the corresponding: City/General.

Hurray for the Steam Tank Army!

The Sigmar Seven

7 Cities of Sigmar are described in the book, for each of them you get a fluff page at least and the usual: Rules / Traits / Relics / Spells

Hammerhal : the Twin-Tailed City

This is the most described city in the book. The City is dual realm so you can choose Aqshy or Ghyran as a realm (from the sorcery book).
Rule wise they are super solid, not skewed on a particular strategy with a very strong command Ability. Standard strat would be, get some extra commands points and spam the Hammerhal command for value.

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Rest of the rules are very good as well, for example, a trait gives +1 to hit when charging for unit wholly within 12".

Also check the twinstone :

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Another +1 to hit.

Edit: Strong incentive to Bring a big pack of Desolator !! you can bring them to 2+ to hit, they gain extra attack from their number and you can use the Command Ability to make them attack again !

Desolator Warscroll

The Living City

The city from the realm of life. Can include Sylvaneth and Stormcast units (1/4). I am sure some incredible combos are possibles ^^

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

The different powers are decent, nothing groundbreaking but the real value is, I think, having Sylvaneth/Cities/Stormcast all mixed in one army.

Having multiple wounds unit is very valuable in this army as you can heal from Attuned to nature. Also the Lifesurge spell allow your wizard to heal 1d6 wounds. The Endless spell Emerald Swarm heal/rez 1d6 also. Maybe you can set up a nice Attrition / Ranged attack list.

Greywater Fastness

Sad :(, that the dwarf canon is not included in the Battletome, but if you plan to field Artillery and Steam Tank, Greywater have you covered.

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

The Rune prayer is awesome if you stack it with Lord ordinator +1 to hit. That means, Hellfire hitting on 2+ rerolling one if shooting at one target ^^ (need lord ordinator, Cogsmith aand rune lord package) but you can apply aura from Ordinator and Cogsmith to multiple Artillery unit.

You can also combine it with this Battalion (120pt) ^^

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

So 4 Hellfire Battery shooting 6 times hitting on 3+ (2+) with reroll wounding on 3+ with -2 rend and d3 dmg ^^ 39" Range + 3" move for 42" threat. That just First turn ^^and it's only 30% of your points.

I really think this combo is going to be meta bending. If you have a way to mitigate the first turn Barrage you can play the game, if you don't, you lose turn 1. Greywater Fastness armies are maybe the iron hands of AOS, strong and the First Turn Alpha is maybe a bit much. Will see ^^

The Phoenicium

The City of Elves and Pheonix, rules are ok but not great. Phoenix got a nice points reduction so maybe that's enough to make them good. I am not sure ^^

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Again, the best strategy is focusing on healing I think. with a 4+ FNP on your battleline and an endless spell returning 1d6 Phoenix Guard to life, it's super-efficient. Also, the Phoenicium Spell list includes a very good healing spell: healing 1d3 wounds to all friendly units within 12" of the caster. Off course Anointed are extraordinarily useful if you plan to focus on healing attrition strategy.

The Living Idols Command ability is especially powerful, I'd love to try some Flaggellant jank or Some Freeguild Greatswords accompanying the Phoenix Squadron ^^ Even Some GyroCopters could be handy to harass, provide the +1 +1 when they die.
Outside the fact that Pheonix is incredible models, I am quite convinced you can build some very interesting Pheonicium armies!


The dark port city in the land of Aqshy. The theme here is Monster and Dark Elves Mix. A bit of everything and War hydra as Battleline. I am not sure what do do with this city, I guess spamming dark dragon hydra and Dino rider would work just fine.

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

One novelty is the Drakeblood Curses, 3 different abilities that you can give to your monsters.

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Hallowheart , the Radiant City

This City is from Aqshy as well and is the home of the most powerful spell caster.

See for yourself :

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

And the innate Spell list :

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Each wizard get 2 spells from the list!

This city is a Very good meta drop against Death spell spam with the Eldritch Attunement rule that can get buffed to 4+ !! Honestly, the spell list is very very good.

The Sacrifice ability is fun too if you have a few hard to cast spells or strong magic opposition!

With the Amount of Spellcaster you can choose from in this Battletome or from the Stormcast Battletome, plus the number of endless spells or Realm Spell lists, the variations are endless ^^

A very exciting type of list!

Tempest Eyes : The Aetherguard !

At last the seventh city, Still from Aqshy and the one including Kharadron Overlord!

age of sigmar aos cities of sigmar review

Not much to say about this one, just run/shoot or charge I guess ^^.

Still, one of their spell "Aura of Glory" give +1 melee attack to units wholly within 12". This is huge, so maybe there is something to do with some Demygriff cavalry or a pack of Stormcast Concussor.

I am sure someone shall make something super cool out of the Tempest Eyes city!

That's it for the quick review of the different cities.


To be honest I never expected Cities of Sigmar Battletome to be this enjoyable. It's hard to predict what type of army (if any) are going to be strong. There is so many choices, options, benefits, battlelines. And I didn't even talk about the traits, relics and the alliance between cities. It's mind-blowing to imagine the different armies you can build with this Battletome! I'll try to complete the review at a later time but that will have to do for now.

Yea, the Free Cities make you Freeeee !


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Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave review

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Small thumb whuwnewrules sep19 feature3grd 320x320

Hello everyone !!

Today go on pre-order the season 3 starter for the excellent Warhammer Underworlds game: Beastgrave! Third season and the games have become a staple for competitive play in the Warhammer Franchise.

To review this box we are going to look at the content of the box, the Backstory of Beastgrave, the models, the rules changes and the cards.

Beastgrave Content

The starter provides everything you need to start playing right away. 2 warbands, 3 sheets of tokens, 2 double-sided board, Rules, assembly instruction and a learn to play mini-book. Everything is of good quality and well made.

Beastgrave Fluff

The fluff is: A mystic mountain in Ghur got infected with the Katophrane curse and call different warbands and bind them into an eternal fight ( until season 4^^ )

Some mysterious shadows are hanging around, Also one of the board sides is named after them.

Silent People
warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

Interesting and could serve the development of realm fluff in the future. Sadly there is no page showing all the different warbands.

But there is 2 fluff snippet for Rippa's and Grymwatch

warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

Also are mentionned :

  • Ogor of Voracia (Hungering gullet)

  • Athmora of the Fanged steppes (follower of the one that lurk below

  • Fushola (no more info)

  • StoneSpeaker peoples

  • Ghanua

I guess that next 2 warbands are Rippa and Watchgrave and the rest will come after.

Beastgrave Models

Excellent quality, easy to build a bit smaller than I imagined but that's me. The Beastmen models are so damn good, I want my fingers to be like them now (and good).
Centaur is also great and I can't wait for the centaur army! ;)
note: Now that I have the model in hand, I think, that, satyrs are a lot better than on the pics.

warhammer underworlds beastgrave review
warhammer underworlds beastgrave review
warhammer underworlds beastgrave review
warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

Beastgrave Boards

Good quality, good design, Double-sided, hard cardboard (like the old one). The finish is a bit more mat that older board and I prefer the look and the touch of this one. Red hex is for lethal and white of scenery.
Warhammer underworlds Beastgrave review
Warhammer underworlds Beastgrave review

Beastgrave Rules Changes

This was already covered but :

  • Guard action buffed, now prevent push

  • Both player get to place a lethal hex before the game start

  • Feature hex : Now objectives counter are double sided with Lethal on the other side, some card transform them

  • Hunters/Quarries keywords : Cards can give you one of the two keywords for exemple this card

  • warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

    It's a good themed mechanism in Beastgrave and allow to threaten the super buffed character the opponent plan to build.

  • Superaction / Charge nerf

  • warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

    Now the combination of two actions is called a superaction and are treated as a single block! For checking is the Inspire condition is met or not.

  • Surge Objective

  • It's not in the book but if you play tournament format the Surge Objectives are getting limited to 6 per deck.

    Note: A surge objective is one that you score immediately when the conditions are met.

  • The Stack in underworld

  • The stack is a priority management concept used in Magic the Gathering and other good cards game. Beastgrave have some lines on it in the Reactions section. Good first step

  • Combat sequence

  • Gw included an amasing flow chart for resolving actions :

    warhammer underworlds beastgrave review

Beastgrave Cards

The different online deck builders are already updated and the all of the Beastgrave cards are here


Solid core set, love the Ghur Theme and I'm eager to see more info on the realm and is habitant.
The Season 3 comes with a rotation on all the common seasons 1 cards( they chose to keep the season 1 warbands) so for sure it's going to create some interesting meta.

The game is great and it's a good time to play it!


Beastgrave navigation :

Beastgrave : Card Rotation on Release
Beastgrave announcement at nova
Learn to Play Baestgrave with Becca Scott
Goblins riders warbands for Beastgrave
Beastgrave pre orders
Beastgrave pre orders
Ogre Warbands underworlds season 3 beastgrave
Daugther of kaine Warbands underworlds beastgrave
Complete warhammer underworlds beastgrave cards list
Beastgrave : The Grymwatch Flesh Eaters courts
Beastgrave age of sigmar warscrolls
Warhammer underworld Beastgrave review

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Warhammer 40000 Raven Guard Review

Tags : space marines review raven guard warhammer 40000

Small thumb shrike sep13 feature sh8k3 320x320

Hello everyone !!

Today on pre-orders are 2 new codex supplements for Warhammer 40000 Space Marines Armies. Raven Guard and Iron Hands, this post is about the Raven Guards. I mean who doesn't love Space Ninja?


This codex is a thin(80 pages) hardcover book. It's standard GW quality so there is nothing wrong about it.
The 3 main parts of the book are The fluff, the model's pics and the rules!
If iron Hands codex was the hammer this one would be a scalpel ^^


The first 40 pages of the book are dedicated to the Chapter presentation. It's quite complete with a lot of details on the different companies and units. There are also details on the what happened at isstvan V, Ravenfall, the Genetic Manipulation Corax tried to do and some other stuff. Decent fluff.


Raven Guards codex rules review preview

Yea sure Precognition

Raven Guards codex rules review preview

It's always hard to swallow that Near Precog Primarch were at Isstvan 5 ^^

An army of Heroes !

In this section, we are shown different Space Marines Models Painted in black ^^


One new general ability, a few warlords traits, some relics, more stratagems, and 6 psychics powers.

Surgical Strike

Raven Guards codex rules review preview

This power is at the Heart of a Raven Guard game plan ! Snipe/take out Aura & buff bot and then clear the rest of the army. it's a sound plan considering the amount of popular buff combo. Still, I am not sure that +1 to hit and wound is enough to allow this plan. But it' a good start !

Warlord Traits

There are 6 extra Traits that you can choose from.

  • No overwatch on the warlord (it's Shrike one)

  • Redeploy one inf unit and infiltrate

  • Buff bubble : Run and Charge within 6"

  • Unmodified 6 deal 1 additional mortal wound

  • Fly when falling back, charge and shoot after fall back

  • Teleport your warlord once per game 9" from ennemy

Off course the Run and Charge is strong but the No overwatch is super handy to tie in strong firebase


2 list here, one for Raven Guards: Relics of Ravenspire and one for Successor & Raven Guards: Special Issue Wargear.

Relics Of Ravenspire

  • Ebonclaws : ap-3 d3, reroll wounds and one extra attack (replace 2 LC)

  • Shadow armor : Ignore ap if ap is -1 and unmodified hit rolls of 1 2 3 always fails

  • Raven Skulls : One reroll per turn

  • Raven Fury : Jump Pack, run and charge, reroll charge and Mw on 4+ during a charge

  • Ex tenebris : Assault 3 stalker bolter, can snipe, +1 hit, ignore cover

  • Super Knife : s+1 ap-2 d1, 1 extra attack, Damage 3 vs Characters

Raven Guards codex rules review preview

Yea nothing crazy. Still, Ex tenebris is decent to snipe frail target.

Special Issue Wargears

Mantle : 5+ FNP
Artificer armour : 2+/5++
MCW : +1dmg to one weapon
Digital weapon: one extra attack dealing 1mw if hit
Magic Cloack : 3+ invul in terrain ^^


Raven Guard have a good selection of Stratagem ! you are going to need CP a lot I think.

2 pages of Stratagem, most interesting are :

  • Infiltrators 1cp : before first round, free move but must end more than 9"

  • Raven Blade 1cp : Choose one ennemy unit, reroll charge on it

  • Lay Low the Tyrants 1cp : +1 to wounds against Characters or Non vehicule with 4 wounds or more

  • Remain unseen 1cp : Choose one unit, If you didn't shoot with the unit, it get -1 to hit. Kind of cool to hold an objective

  • Ambush 1cp : Infiltrate at the end of the movement phase

  • Strike from the skies1cp : One jump pack unit can run and charge and +1 to charge distance

As you can see you have a large selection of Infiltration and Movement tricks. Can you pull off assassination and stuff with them? it's all about your skill to play the game so in a sense it's interesting.

This Stratagem is going to be great with Smash Captain or JP units going after sturdy target.

Raven Guards codex rules review preview

let check the Umbramancy Psychic table now

Umbramancy Psychic

There is one effective combo here: Envelloping Darkness. Prevent Overwatch and minus 1 to hit roll. Then use Shadowstep to Teleport back to safety, or charge, or do something cool. It's vital if you plan to charge into an Iron Hands bastion waiting for you with a 3+ reroll 1 overwatch salvo.
Raven Guards codex rules review preview

That's it for the Raven Guard rules lets check the unit now!


Kayvaan Shrike

Raven Guards codex rules review preview

He's a quite strong actually, very good pistol sniping and dealing extra mortal wounds on 6+ (so 5+ against characters). Powerful charge potential, 7 attacks on charge with +1 +1 to hit and wounds vs characters, stack nicely with lay low the tyrant for another extra +1 on wound rolls. As the claw allow wound reroll at worse it's 3+ with reroll.

Chapter Master bubble and Charge reroll bubble help as well.

Conclusion, good stuff & Combo

Target Sighted Stratagem from the Space Marines codex is vital, it will cost 3CP but allow Stalker Intercessor to snipe and deal extra mortal wounds on 6+ (so 5+). It's expensive but with the new Stalker bolt rifle, you will get a lot of value out of it. Don't forget to split shooting if you need to.

Scout Squad with sniper rifles and camo cloak they are not very expensive, they infiltrate, shoot at 36", Snipe, deal mortal wound on 6+, get a 2+save in cover and -1 to hit. If Dev doctrine is up you also get Ap -1

Eliminator Squad Off course Eliminator are awesome with Raven Guards. They are Amped up scout ! At 63 points only per unit they are always a good investment.

To conclude, the game plan for Raven Guards is removing Characters asap and charge in with: Smash Captain, Vanguards, Phobos ....

Any question ? ask away !


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Warhammer 40000 Iron Raven Guard Review

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Warhammer 40000 Iron Hands Codex Review

Tags : review iron hands warhammer 40000

Small thumb feirros sep12 feature 19xk3 320x320

Hello everyone !!

Today on pre-orders are 2 new codex supplements for Warhammer 40000 Space Marines Armies. Raven Guard and Iron Hands, this post is about the Iron Hands, aka the Big Indestructible Gun Line ^^


This codex is a thin(80 pages) hardcover book. It's standard GW quality so there is nothing wrong about it.
The 3 main parts of the book are The fluff, the model's pics and the rules!


The first 40 pages of the book are dedicated to the Chapter presentation. It's quite complete with a lot of details on the different companies and units. There are also details on the demise of Mannus, His friendship with Fulgrim...To be honest I learned a lot of stuff on the sons of the Gorgon in this book. Interesting!

An army of Heroes !

In this section we are shown different Space Marines Models Painted in black ^^ This part was better than the rest of the codex because of all the cyber hands that are looking so nice on these Primaris Marines !!

iron hands codex review and rules
iron hands codex review and rules


The codex have , One new general ability, a few warlords traits, some relics, more stratagems, and 6 psychics powers.

Calculated Fury

This on is Powerfull and was revealed in the Iron hands preview.

iron hands codex review and rules

Reroll 1 and ignore move penalty for Heavy weapons when the Devastator Doctrine is active!

Rerolling one is already good when you hit on 4+ but the combination of both bonuses allow to move forward a still get a 3+ with reroll 1, it's an incredible safety net!

Remember that it stacks with the Iron hands Chapter Tactics from the Space Marines Codex, so each unit in the army have

  • Fnp 6+

  • Overwatch on 5+

  • Vehicle count double life for wounds chart

  • Ignore malus from moving for Heavy weapons during Devastator Doctrine

  • Reroll 1 with Heavy Weapons with Devastator Doctrine

Wow ! what a list ^^

Warlord Traits

There are 6 extra Traits that you can choose from.

1) repair 1 dmg each turn on a vehicle or buff your repair to 1d3+1
2) Deny the Witch 24"
3) Fnp 5+
4) Consolidate 6'' (Feirros have this one)
5) 6 give extra attack on the same target with the same weapon
6)Target Protocol: One friendly unit can: reroll 1 hit, 1 wound and 1 damage roll.

Warlord trait are ok for the most part.

The last one is very strong if you are shooting with one super big gun like a Repulsor Executioner with a Heavy Laser. ie : 4 Shots, rerolling 1, and one free reroll, Strength 10 rerolling one wound roll and Ap -5 ,rerolling one damage roll (D6). It feels this warlord trait was written for this tank lol.


2 list here, one for Iron Hands: Relics of Medusas and one for Successors & Iron Hands: Special Issue Wargear.

Relics Of Medusas

iron hands codex review and rules

  • Axe :Replace a power axe : S+3 ap -3 D3

  • Primaris only: +1T, reduce wound by 1 to a minimum of 1 (stack nicely with the warlord trait granting fnp on a 5+ for some super tanking ^^)

  • Mind forge : Replace a force weaopn : S*2, ap-3, d3

  • Combi Melta with assault 2 melta

  • Ironstone : Already leaked, reduce dmg by 1 (minimum 1) targeting vehicle in a 3" bubble

  • Gorgon chain : 4+ inv and -1 to wound rolls

  • Helm : 5+ cashback on command point

The ironstone is bonker is you want to play the tank bubble! and you want, but more on this later ^^

Special Issue Wargears

Mantle : 5+ FNP
Artificer armour : 2+/5++
MCW : +1dmg to one weapon
Digital weapon: one extra attack dealing 1mw if hit
Teeth of Mars : Chainsword with S*2 against vehicle (ap -2 dmg2)
Haywire bolt : mortal wound when shooting
Data Spike : Techmarines only, Roll 2 when repairing keep best

Yea better ignore these for the moment ^^


2 pages of them like in any other codex , Lot of good choice here most interesting are :

  • 1cp Double hit on a 6 to wounds

  • 1cp Fnp goes to 5+ on one infantry unit. Choose , when the unit is targeted

  • Machine Empaty 1cp : use it after repairing, you can repair again even the same vehicle (WTF)

  • Overwatch on 4+, and you still reroll 1 ^^ with heavy weapons

So using the Named Forge Father Techmarines you can heal 6 wounds on a Repulsor each turn, interesting ^^

let check the Technomancy Psychic table now

Technomancy Discipline

iron hands codex review and rules

Maybe my favourite Psychic table of the Different Marines Codex !
The 3 super good one are :

1) Blessing: until the next psychic phase target vehicle model get +1 to hit. Last the opponent turn so bring overwatch to 4+ or 3+ rr1 with the Stratagem (Do you see where this is going ?)
2) Psy Armor: Select one unit, +1 armour save (doesn't work on invulnerable save) but stack with cover
3) Reforge: Charge value 5, heal d3 dmg on a vehicle ^^

One tank can be repaired 3 times? ho and he get fnp 6+, and can reduce damage by 1 with the relic and he counts double life for the damage chart. I hope that is all ? (this isn't ^^)

lets check the one unit in the book !

Unit : Iron Father Feirros

Ok there is only one unit, this is not the Chapter Master or a Primaris Techmarines, all this sucks :/

Good news Iron Father Feirros is completely BONKERS !

iron hands codex review and rules

A bit more than hundred points, decent stats, sturdy enough with a 2+/5+ T5 7wounds and fnp 5+ & 6+ (i guess both doesn't stack ?). The buff he grant are very good :

  • Signum array : BS 2+ to one friendly unit

  • Repair at 3wounds

  • 5+ invulnerable at 6''

What happen if Feirros and a Techmarines are hiding behind 2 Repulsor :

  • 5++

  • Reduce dmg by 1 with the stone relic

  • 2 repairs, +1 extra repairs with stratagem

  • 6+ fnp

  • Count double wounds

  • reroll 1

  • overwatch on 5+

  • one of them can get BS 2+

  • Warlord trait granting 1 hit/wound/dmg reroll

Already Impressive but maybe add a Psyker for funsy ^^

  • One extra Repair spell

  • +1 save spell

  • +1 to hit spell ! Also not it's also working with melee attack ^^ Hello DREADNOUGHT !

Honestly, i'll also park nearby a Devastator or Primaris with Heavy Plasma to benefit from the 5+inv getting a BS2+ and reroll 1 for extra fun. Also there is a stratagem that allow nearby infantry unit to shield Charaters that take damage so it's good to have Bodies around.

Don't forget to mix a Chaplain even if it's already overkill ^^ check the Space Marines Codex review for what Chaplain can now do.


It's a strong codex!
Stack buff on tanks, heavy weapons infantry, snipers, Intercessor with Stalkers bolters and watch the enemy Melt ^^
Also from a Meta point of view, if your opponents are preparing for killing Primaris infantry (so good ap and Dmg2) and you spam tanks, yours are nearly invulnerable thanks to the Stone Relic droping Plasma damage from 2 to 1 ^^

Also maybe having 1 or 2 drop pods with Multi Melta devastator inside for removing the biggest threat for your tank is good too ^^

I know I only talked about the Tank Bubble, but there is a lot of room for refining. This is a very strong codex granting a very effective firebase, a lot of tanking and even some melee power-ups.

iron hands codex review and rules

As usual, any question ? ask away !

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Warhammer 40000 Iron Hands Codex Review

Starting on the Raven Guards review right now !


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Warhammer 40000 : Aeronautica Imperialis review

Tags : cute warhammer 40000 review aeronautica imperialis

Small thumb coverai

Hello everyone !!

Today is the review of Aeronautica Imperialis Core set, Wings of Vengeance! This review will be articulated around: The content of the box, the models, and the rules.

Pre order on Goblin Gaming if you wish

Aeronautica Imperialis pre orders

Content of the Wings of Vengeance Box

While content of the box was already revealed some days ago in Wings of Vengeance Content , after listing what's inside I want to give my impressions.

Wings of Vengeance Content

-2x Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighters (can be assembled as - 2x - 2x - -2x Thunderbolt Fighters or Thunderbolt Fury Fighters)
- 2x Imperial Navy Marauder Bombers
- 3x Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajets
- 2x Ork Air Waaagh! Fighta Bommers
- 1x double-sided card Area of Engagement game board (depicting two aerial war zones)
- 1x double-sided card token sheet (70 tokens to help you keep track of all the action)
- 8x Six-sided dice (white with black pips)
- 1x Transfer sheet (for the Imperial Navy and Ork Air Waaagh! aircraft included in the set)
- 2x Quick reference cards (containing the key game rules)

Decent for 70€ as you get a very nice discount on the plane prices (around 82€) and get the stuff you need to play for free. Still, the quality of the elements are not so great so let's talk about the quality of the accessories and rules content.

Wings of Vengeance quality/content (issue)

The Area of Engagement is in gloss paper with very pronounced folding mark. To be honest playing on it is not a fine experience at all. yea i even say pretty shitty for a 70€ game :/ . My first extra buy would be the Rynn Area of Engagement or some mouse pad hex terrain (2") made by a third party.

The tokens are really basic, made of very light cardboard they are not as heavy as usual. And yea they look cheap.
Not great, i need acrylic/Metal/Plastic


Very well made, heavy enough to be stable, the front, rear, right and left are explicitly marked. The wheels for speed and altitude are sturdy and got a hard friction preventing the wheel to spin alone.

My only doubt is not painting the base or painting it without screwing the wheels :/
Aeronautica Imperialis review


Excellent ! hold the plan very well and are repositionable !

Maneuvre sheet

Good Quality, the 8 Maneuvre are represented. The sheet feels sturdy and lightly laminated with a glossy varnish. I would have liked a small card format to be included for ease of use.


Only 34 pages of rules. While it's enough to explain how the game is played. It's the bare minimum, the games modes are absent, the list building is super limited with only a few options per side. But that's not all, there is only ONE scenario in the book: Dog Fight! (simple fight. ). Yea it's light on content for once.

Ok, I understand that I need Rynn World to have the full experience, but a small extra book (5-10 pages) with a mini-campaign rules and a few missions would have been a more honest package.

Accessories review conclusion

This all feels very cheap and minimalist if you exclude the planes and bases. From the get-go, you have to Buy Rynn Campaign and the Area of Engagement to have a nice experience. Still, the Plane deal is good with value for the imperial at 48€ and 36€ for the orcs.

Now that the extra stuff is reviewed let's get to the planes !!!

Aeronautica Imperialis Fighters

If I had some grief for the accessories I only have praise for the Fighters included in the core set: Wings of Vengeance.

The small planes are so cute, full of details and a pleasure to assemble. Also, there are a lot of little missiles/bombs to customize your Fighters. Also, I did found the assembling very clever and well designed. This morning I glued a Thunderbolt and was pleased to discover that Both variants had separate pieces making it very easy to Magnetize.

Details Pictures

Details are crisp and make painting a lot easier. Wings, hulls, tails have a lot of details like : line & armour plate. I am not sure how I am going to paint them, but a mix of airbrush and contrast should look very good for the time spent.

Aeronautica Imperialis review
Aeronautica Imperialis review

Finished model

Seeing them in picture and having them in hand is quite different. They look so cute and cool, they are my new favorites models in all the the GW line. 10 secondes after finishing it was flying it shooting pew pew pew ^^ Sinceriously it's even better than i expected and the Navy Bomber are looking super big !! Can't wait to assemble and paint more !!!

Aeronautica Imperialis review
Aeronautica Imperialis review

I magnetized the plane so I can change the nose/weapons loadout.

Aeronautica Imperialis review

As you can see I glued the magnet inside. I don't know if I'll do it for all the planes but for the Thunderbolt/fury, it was easy enough. I'll do a post later on how to magnetise it.

In the end, the Planes models are incredibly detailed, cute, and the positionable stand is even better.


Now that we checked the accessories and the planes
The game is divided in phase: we both resolve one phase before going to the next.

1 choose manoeuvres
2 Roll initiative
3 Resolve Tail fire
4 Move
5 shoot
6 End phase.

If you want a detailed "how to play video" you can check the Aeronautica Imperialis Rules video . With the explaining of the rules done by Becca, I am just going to focus on some mechanism that I liked.


The gameplay is quite simple but also very deep. In a nutshell, we both secretly plan our move orders and resolve them in sequence. If you did good you can shoot with your main weapons (nose-mounted shooting in front of you) . If not you have to fall back on secondary weaponry like a turret or rear gun.

Movement Fun

The manoeuvre mechanism really suits the Dog Fight feeling of the game. Positioning your plane is not that hard at range but when you are very close it's a lot harder ! Plane can change position and altitude all the time.

Always engage heavier ship at super close range you can easily stay out of their Las Canon.

The golden goose in the game is Tailing the enemy. That mean you are on his six and at short range (1-4/ 5-7/8-10 Hex). Tailing grant you a free shooting phase next turn before movement phase. But as it's in next turn you still have a chance to be saved if another plane shoots your pursuer.

The initiative is a fun dilemma because first allowing you to shoot first but moving second give better positioning. I'd say it's better to be the first player during engagement and be second during intense dog fight!

Altitude: Always try to change altitude when defending because it's a -1 to the attack roll for each level difference.

Dakka Dakka Dakka

Shooting in this game is like any other GW games. you roll a number of dice equal to the Firepower at the target range. You hit on 5+ most of the time and then do a wound rolls depending on the weapon.

Firepower represents the numbers of dice/attacks a weapon make depending on the range. It changes the effectiveness of the Jet depending on where is the enemy and what weapon is on board

Aeronautica Imperialis review
Aeronautica Imperialis review

If you compare both ships you'll notice that the Dakkajet have 8 attacks at short range (1-4 hex) that hit on 5+ wounds on 5+. While it's strong at short range it loose half of this dakka at medium.
On the other side the Fury only has 3 dices at short range (5+ / 4+) but with double damage on 6+. But at medium, he rolls 7d + 2d for the Boltcanon and Lascano. Notice how the las canon has 0 dice at short range but wounds on 2+ !!!

List building and Fight

Having only received Wings of Vengeance as material I don't have much to review here. To play a game you have to agree on a point level and play. Each side has a few options to customise their Jet.

Aeronautica Imperialis review

As you can see the list is quite short and the effects are limited, the Orc side is very similar but with more offensive options.

Each Plan can equip missiles and bombs. Bombs have no use while you don't have a mission with ground objectives. On the other hand, missiles / Rookit are awesome to add extra Dakka on the important turn! Each shot is 2 dices and one munition! (2pts)


Aeronautica Imperialis is a very interesting game. My testing is limited by the core box but I had a lot of fun playing (3 games). There is a lot of room for mastering manoeuvres and ruling the Sky like the Red Baron!

Even if some components of the core box are a bit lacking it's still good value. I am enthusiastic to try campaign mode, Pilot cards and ground target interaction!

I am Hyped !!! I enjoyed doing this warhammer 40000 : Aeronautica Imperialis review a lot. I hope the game is a success (and i am sure it will be !!)

Pre order on Goblin Gaming if you wish

Aeronautica Imperialis pre orders

Any questions ? Ask away !! :D

Aeronautica Imperialis navigation :

Aeronautica Imperialis Gencon reveal video
Aeronautica Imperialis Prices
Aeronautica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance starter set
Aeronautica Imperialis Open the box
Aeronautica Imperialis Models details
Aeronautica Imperialis How to play & website
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Aeronautica Imperialis Pre orders
Aeronautica Imperialis Eavy Bommer
Warhammer 40000 : Aeronautica Imperialis review
Eavy Bommer preview
Aeronautica Imperialis twitch transcript with Andy Hoare teasing 5 factions in the game
Aeronautica Imperialis : How to magnetize a Thunderbolt Tutorial !! (Like an Ace)


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Warhammer 40000 White Scars supplement codex review

Tags : review white scars space marines warhammer 40000

Small thumb smpreorderpreview aug4 ws codex12knjvre

Hello everyone !!

Following the review of the huge space marines codex (link), here come the white scars supplement.


This codex is a thin(70 pages) hardcover book. It's standard GW quality so there is nothing wrong about it.
The 3 main parts of the book are The fluff, the model's pics and the rules!
I book is very small even smaller than the Ultramarines supplement. (


The first 30 pages of the book are dedicated to the Chapter presentation. It's quite complete with a lot of details on the different companies and units. There are also details on Chogoris, the Khan is disappearance. Some fight between Scares and Red Corsairs. It's interesting but I didn't find any big reveal or anything.

Note: Lots of amazing artworks !!!

An army of Heroes !

10-12 pages of Painted models.
White Marines are beautiful but none of the new Primaris supports the White Scars style! so it's a bit sad :/


One new general ability, a few warlords traits, some relics, more stratagems, and 6 psychics powers.

Devastating Charge

Devastating Charge is a new rule that is added to your army if it has the White Scars keywords.

White scars codex rules review preview

The rule is strong for sure, one more damage per attack on the charge. When Marines already gain 1 attack for charging and White Scars can run and charge you are guaranteed to hit like a truck.

One Marine with a Chainsword with the doctrine up and charging is :
3 attacks, with AP -1, dmg 2.

Best way to maximise this buff? A large number of models generating free attack and extra wounds on the charge. One assault squad with 2 Eviscerators is 172 points only ! and that brings a lot of pain but in turn 3 :/

The main problem will be reaching Assault doctrine while benefiting from Devastator and Tactical doctrine on the previous turn.

Warlord Traits

There are 6 extra Traits that you can choose from.
honestly, they are not that great :/
I think I would always choose Imperium sword from the marines dex (reroll charge dice.s, +1 S&A on a charge) or maybe Master of snares (prevent Fall back on a 4+)

White scars codex rules review preview


2 list here, one for White Scars and one for Successors Chapter Special Issue Wargear.

Relics Of Chogoris
Mantle: +1 casting spell
eyes: One friendly white scar unit ignore cover
Banner: +1S while withing 6''
Wrath of the Heavens: Move 16" bike with "fly"
Scimitar : +1 -3 dmg2 on a 6 +1dmg
Plume of the runner: +1 run and charge within 6 of the bearer
Khan lance (only for khan on a bike): S*2, ap-3, Dmg d3

Special Issue Wargear

Same as ultramarines with a few difference :
Cyber eagle helm: Overwatch on 5+ within 6
Bolts: one attack S7 ap1 dmg 1d6


There is no stratagem that allows getting faster to Assault Doctrine :/

From the Space marines codex :
Big guns never tire will be useful if you want to do a first turn rush with a Speeder unit (ignore malus to a heavy weapon)

Chapter Master
There is no chapter master option the White Scars codex so you'll need 2Cp if you want one.

2 pages of them and some of them are quite good :

-Born in the Saddle: Run and shoot with bikers
-Wind swift: Move twice (but can't do anything after)
-Hunters Fusillade: Transform heavy weapons and rapid-fire weapon into assault weapons. (very good on Speeder units)

So, in a nutshell, you can first turn transform 2 speeder unit in rush bomb to swoop 20" and shoot without malus.
Then on turn 2, you can transform heavy weapons into assault weapons for benefiting Tactical doctrine on heavy weapons.

let check the White Scars Psychic table now

Psychic Discipline

White scars codex rules review preview

Some cute spell-like Blasting gale (no run and charge with one dice), Storm wreathed protect one unit from Overwatch and deal a few Mortal wounds (with luck),
ride the winds is a bit overkill but allow some super far charge, move 14 run 6 +2 and charge 2d6+2 = for 31" average threat range ^^ (White go Faster now !)


Only 2 units present in the book, no chapter master, no bike squad as troops or some interesting twist on units.

Kor'sarro Khan

Primaris, Not on a bike, Not a chapter master :/

White scars codex rules review preview

Cool "for the Khan" rule but with a 6" move and 6" aura it's pretty hard to apply. Maybe tuck him in an IMPULSOR with 5 intercessors and support real White Scars unit

cost 105 pts

Khan on Bike

Interesting take it's a captain with a spear on a bike. There is no option but the basic setup is nice, +1 SV vs melee, with the right warlord trait and chapter master he should be 7 attacks on charge! '(Nice smash captain !)

White scars codex rules review preview /> Bike

I don't understand why there are no White Scars bikes units in the codex, they could have a different one (with special rules), or in troop or Elites?
It feels very bland.

Looking at the Space Marines Codex, one bike is 23pts and Assault Bike is 49pts. I am not sure yet what is the best set up but I think you want bikes

White Scars conclusion

I'll be honest this codex feels super lazy, there is nearly nothing in this book :/. It's been a long time since GW made such an obvious (to me) cash Grab.
The codex premise is this Assault Doctrine but there is no option to use it earlier than the third turn, now way to apply it on a unit as Ultramarines do. You are going to need loads of CP but have no good compo to have them.

Maybe I am too hard but I am not impressed by this book at all :/

That's it for the white scars !!
As usual, ask a question here!

Be sure to check The 2019 Space Marines Codex review or the The Ultramarines Supplement codex


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