Warhammer 40000 Ultramarines Codex review

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Hello everyone !!

Following the review of the huge space marines codex (, here come the Ultramarines supplement.


This codex is a thin(80 pages) hardcover book. It's standard GW quality so there is nothing wrong about it.
The 3 main parts of the book are The fluff, the model's pics and the rules!


The first 40 pages of the book are dedicated to the Chapter presentation. It's quite complete with a lot of details on the different companies and units. There is also details on the how did Reboute fall and some other portions of his awakening (nothing really new).
Tragically the timeline stops at the start of Vigilus when Calgar is on his way. Was the codex delayed? maybe I don't know but no new stuff here.

An army of Heroes !

10-12 pages of blue Painted marines nothing insane ^^


One new general ability, a few warlords traits, some relics, more stratagems, and 6 psychics powers.

Scion of Guilliman

Scion of Guilliman is a new rule that is added to your army if it has the Ultramarines keywords.

ultramarines codex rules review preview

In a nutshell, this ability allow Heavy weapons to move and shoot without the -1 but also give Agressor the double shot, let you double-tap rapid-fire weapons at max range after moving...Yea it's super good.

Sure you have to cycle the Devastator Doctrine but the Rend -1 lost is gained back on the -1 to hit and allow you to move and shoot.

Warlord Traits

There are 6 extra Traits that you can choose from.

One of them feel incredible but has a big drawback.

ultramarines codex rules review preview

Wow !! That means, once per turn you can choose one unit that going to benefit from the Tactical doctrine even if the rest of the army is in Devastator Doctrine.

ie: You have one unit of 3 Landspeeders or 10 Heavy Blaster Incinerator, you warlord is going to use his trait to make them affected by the Tactical doctrine but the Devastator doctrine is still in effect.
Thx to Scion of Guilliman the unit can move (not run or fall back) and shoot without BS penalty and still get the -1 rend from the Devastator Doctrine.

The problem is : This Warlord trait is not available for Guilliman or Reboute only for generic Warlords Telion and Tigurius. Other traits are fine but nothing special.
-Cp point refunded on a 5+ (Calgar trait)
-Fallback and fire without -1 to hit. Doesn't work with Scions so meh !
-6 to hit deal 1 extra MW (Sicarius)
-Inf and Biker can perform Heroic Intervention within 6" (Guilliman trait)
-Heroic Intervention get range 6" (Cassius)


2 list here, one for Ultramarines: Relics of Macragge and one for Successor & ultramarines: Special Issue Wargear.

Relics Of Macragge

Soldier Blade : s+1 ap-4 d2
Halo : 3++ and deny one per turn
Banner : +1A within 6" and auto pass morale within 12"
note : this one doesn't replace the normal ancient banner so both effect stack (strong !!!)
Terminator Armour : 4++ and halve damage (round up)
Helm : Reroll 1 to wound and hit, add 1 to hit and wound vs CSM and SM (sexy)
Storm bolter: Rapid fire 4 and reroll wounds
Clock : 5++ and regen 1d3 each turn

A few very strong option, the banner, the terminator armour are quite cool

Relics Of Macragge

Mantle : 5+ FNP
Artificer armour : 2+/5++
MCW : +1dmg to one weapon
Digital weapon: one extra attack dealing 1mw if hit
Reliquary: +1A within 6 once per battle (not restricted to ancient)
Seal of Oath: select one enemy at the start, reroll wound and hit against it while within 6" of the seal.
Hellfury bolts: one bolt weapon deal MW on hit
Sunwrath pistol: range 12, pistol 2, S8, Ap3, dmg2

Seal of Oath can be very good against army bringing one super strong lynchpin or Boss. Master crafted weapons is a cute addition to your smash captain hammer.


2 pages of them, most interesting are :

Cycle of war : 1cp reset the doctrine Cycle from assault to devastator again.
Exemplar of the Chapter : Give an extra trait to your unamed warlord. (1cp) , cute combo if you want to do the fall back and shoot each turn.
Squad doctrine : 1cp, select one inf or bike unit and apply one doctrine INSTEAD of the active one. Very versatile but have to use it during the move phase. It's super nice to give an assault unit extra AP
Fall back and re-engage: allow to charge after a fall back for 1 cp. Stack with all the other fall-back buff.

let check the Ultra Psychic table now

Indomitus Discipline

ultramarines codex rules review preview

The gaze is a good CP machine and that's it.

That's it for the Ultramarines rules lets check the units now!


Let's take a look at the 10 units in the book.


350 pts, improved reroll hit (not only miss) but nerf to wound aura to reroll 1 only. Give Heroic intervention to friendly if he's the warlord.
benefit from the extra attack on charge as well and can use the Doctrine Stratagem on himself to bring hand to Ap-4 (like the sword).
for 7 attacks on a charge 2+ 12strengh ap 4 dmg 4, reroll hit and 1 to wounds. Nasty !!!!!


No change but like Guilliman he benefits greatly from the extra attack on a charge.

Victrix honour guard

No change, -5 points and benefit from the angel of death as well. Great Deal!

Chief Librarian Tigurius

ultramarines codex rules review preview

130 pt with equipment, grant a -1to hit to a friendly unit (awesome on Guilli or a big tank).
Spell selection is 3 from one list or the other, no mixing from what I can read :(
His hood grant +1 psychic so is a good candidate to Telepathic assault especially if the ancient is near. for a Manifest on 7+ with +1 and 2d6 + 13 - LD mortal wounds on the unit.

Bonus as a warlord he gets the awesome Trait granting Tactical Doctrine to one unit !!

For the price, he is good value but needs a bodyguard in case of sniping attack ^^


85, combi flamer , better Crozius (+2-2 2D) and can cast 2 prayers per turn !!!
Transform nearby Ultra in MW bomb: on death roll a dice on a 6+ deal one MW.

Hell yea


100 pts , ap3 sword, grant defender of humanity to one unit per turn.


65pts, ok-ish character sniper, buff scout (small marines only)
plz, come back when you are Vanguard ^^

Quietus : h2 36'' S4 ap2 d2


30 pts, give his BS (2+) to none Primaris tank.
BS NOT AFFECTED BY DMG, regen 1 lives per round

Auto includes with a Land Raider or a Lascanon Predator.
The land raider combo is quite good 4 las canon shoot hitting on 2+ with AP4 on a super sturdy body and can benefit from chaplain buff. Super expensive but do the job and can transport stuff.

Chapter Ancient

Same as any ancient but his banner aura is 9" for Ultra

Chapter Champion

Company Champion with +1A, swap combat shield vs -1 to hit.

Honour Guard

2 body, intercept wound, Power axe.

Tyrannic War Veterans

16pts, Sternguard with reroll hit and wounds vs Nids.
No extra stuff options :(
Very good in a team tournament if you can choose your target.

That's it for the Ultramarines !!
As usual ask question here !

Be sure to check The 2019 Space Marines Codex review or the The White Scars Supplement codex


created : 11 months ago

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Ultramarines Primaris Upgrade Sprue

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New upgrade sprue for your Primaris - Ultramarines flavour!

@thx massevil

Lady Atia

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Tzen's Video Guide - Primaris Ultramarine Power Armour

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Just want to share a quick painting tutorial by Tzen - Primaris Ultramarines Power Armour!

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Another Trio

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Hello everyone !!

Lots of wd image incoming.
Presentation of the Gulli and friend !!


created : over 3 years ago

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March, For Macragge

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Hello again

Another warhammer community article :

So, a Primarch returns, the warriors of Titan join the battle and a lost son of Caliban returns to seek redemption (or possibly destroy everyone – the jury’s still out).

A few pictures of March‘s issue of White Dwarf have been circulating the internet today, but as with all leaks, they were taken during one of Nottingham’s many earthquakes, so the picture resolution is a bit blurry.

So we thought we’d just share the whole article with you!

Here you go folks, an exclusive from the pages of White Dwarf on the final instalment of the Gathering Storm trilogy, a whole month early. Don’t say we never give you anything.



created : over 3 years ago

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Plastic Gulliman confirmed !

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Hello again !

Even better than plastic dwarf ! Guilliman in 40 K !!
+Cypher is back

Fallen Angel+ cypher walk with Gulli ? smell bad for the dark angels :D

thx zam !

source is : reddit/4chan


created : over 3 years ago

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