Warhammer Underworld Beastgrave : Goblin Wolf Riders !

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Hello everyone !!

Rippa SnarlFangs is an Underworld faction coming soon after Beastgrave!
They are Wolf Riders !!!!!!


ps : (Will do a Beastgrave review when Nda lift next Saturday)

Beastgrave navigation :

Beastgrave : Card Rotation on Release
Beastgrave announcement at nova
Learn to Play Baestgrave with Becca Scott
Goblins riders warbands for Beastgrave


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Shadespire Season 1 is no longer available to Order by Retailer

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Hello everyone !!!

Underworld Season 1 Shadespire is getting phased out. Retailers can no longer order these.
At first, it was a weird rumour and It's been in the air for quite some time now.

The 6 Shadespire Warbands (Sepulchral Guard, Chosen Axes, Ironskull’s Boyz, Magore’s Fiends, Farstriders, Spiteclaw’s Swarm) are no longer available to order.

Some of your customers may have questions about what this means for their existing decks, warbands, and games. We will soon be publishing a Warhammer Community article about the future for Warhammer Underworlds. For now, be assured that all current warbands will be playable in Beastgrave!

So this is it, Rotation but what is rotating Warband ? Deck ? Objectives ?

If you think about it Season 3 removing season 1 is very close to the Standard Format by Magic The Gathering :

Once a year, with the release of the new fall set, the two oldest blocks still legal in Standard rotate out of the format. Because of this, no set is Standard-legal for more than two years. For example, When Ixalan set released in fall 2017, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, and Welcome Deck 2016 (which counted as a part Shadows over Innistrad in rotation) rotated out of Standard.

With the introduction of Three-and-One Model, Since 2019 (or effectively in 2018), the four oldest expansion/core sets in Standard, as well as any other Standard-legal set released during that period will rotate out. For example, fall 2019 rotation will cause Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, and Core 2019 (as well as regional exclusive set Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling) to leave Standard.

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Warhammer Underworld : Beastgrave

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Hello everyone !!

Beastgrave reveals ! A new season for Shadespire Underworld. (season 3)

The fluff is: Necroquake damaged the mirrored city, and the Katophrane curse is bleeding into a magic mountain in GHUR, the Beastgrave !!!!!
Yea i know the story is a bit limited but they had to find a way to transport everything in Ghur for the Warhammer Underworld season 3 !!!

Beastgrave also brings us to another of the Mortal Realm’s underworlds, as the setting of the game moves to the savage depths of Ghur. The Necroquake has permanently damaged the Mirrored City, causing it to bleed into the ancient mountain known as the Beastgrave.

As the curse of the Katophranes leeches into the long-dormant edifice, savage powers thought long-dead awaken, with streets of Shadeglass jutting from pillars of bone and catacombs of living amber. Just as in previous Warhammer Underworlds games, you’ll discover the mysterious history of the Beastgrave in art and card text, offering you a glimpse of one of the Mortal Realms’ most fascinating locations.

The box pit on the of the best beastmen models in a decade !!! but off course the most interesting reveal is the Kurnothi, Aelf forgotten in Ghur for so long that they started to transform in Beast with satyr bottom or centaurs ! wardancers future is bestial to say the least ^^

Skaeth’s Wild Hunt offers us new insights into the Mortal Realms with our first look at the Kurnothi – aelf-like creatures with a savage style of their own. Offering a fast and highly specialised group of fighters, they’re a deadly and flexible Warband capable of cutting down enemies at any range.


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Warhammer Underworld : Lady Harrow and gang inspired.

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Hello everyone !!

This image surfaced on Facebook, showing the inspired side of the ladies ^^

-they have dodge 2 on the non-inspired side.
-They inspire when they go through a terrain hex.


created : about 2 months ago

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Age of Sigmar Warhammer Fest thread 2

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Small thumb fest2019 sat15 warcrysf3ikcd 1

Hello again !!

The Warhammer : Age of Sigmar seminar for this Warhammer Fest is done and here what we have learned :


Warcry is the new game by Games Workshop in the Mortal realm (Age of Sigmar universe). It's a Skirmish game inspired by both Necromunda and Kill Team, where Chaos Warband fight each others to the death or Glory in Varanspire the Archaon Citadelle. Games Workshop already announced that Non Chaos warband would be playable at start.

Warhammer : Warcry is set for release in July. It's a new game that will be supported my multiple future release (no details Yet).

To increase the Hype, warhammer tv team made a LARP video ^^

The SplinteredFangs

New Chaos Warband for Warhammer : Warcry

These guys might hail from the Realm of Life, but they’ve got nothing but death for their foes! And snakes – lots and lots of snakes. These guys show off facets of Chaos rarely seen on the tabletop, as one of the insidious murder cults who use cunning as much as brute force to claim victory. Just like with the Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts, the Splintered Fang show off new aspects of Chaos – there’s even an aelf amongst them!

Underworld Season 3

Shadespire Underworld, is the Games Workshop card game in the Age of Sigmar world. he's continuing his successful existence with loads of events around the globe. The season 2 is coming to an End and they already announced the season 3.

Also they spoiled a model :

General Handbook 2019

The General Handbook is the ultimate Game Supplement for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
The Edition 2019 is split into 2 books.

Open Play
This year’s essential guide for gaming in the Mortal Realms is packed with content for every kind of player. For open play, a new Open War army generator means you’ll be able to rally your forces in moments, while close-quarters battles and Hidden Agendas offer fresh challenges for you to get your teeth into.

For narrative players, you’ll be able to get stuck in with an in-depth set of rules for fighting in the cities and ruins of the Mortal Realms in Streets of Death. New mercenary companies allow you to add a selection of narrative-led, thematic units to your army. Perhaps you’ll employ the Maneaters of the Gutstuffers, or a Gargant from the notorious Grugg Brothers. Meanwhile, characterful name generators for loads of factions mean you’ll never be with our an appropriately epic moniker for your favourite Hero!

Matched Play
Matched play won’t just be receiving new battleplans, but rather a whole new way to play, aimed at making smaller games viable for tournaments and competitive events. Balanced around the 1,000-point mark, Meeting Engagements offer key twists on normal Warhammer Age of Sigmar gameplay, is fast to play and takes up a smaller space than a fully fledged game. This makes it ideal if you’re building up an army, fancy a new challenge or just want to squeeze as many gamers into your club as possible!

It's really interesting to see small points battle for Age of Sigmar getting focus. A lot of Small FLGS or Warhammer store do one day small Age of Sigmar tournaments but the game balance is always a bit meh. Now if we get Battleplan and "sutff" to play good games at 1k points sign me in !


-Warcry is going to be an Awesome Skirmish game in the Age of Sigmar setting.
-Shadespire Season 3 announced (never doubted it)
-Age of sigmar 1000 pt small tournament format
-General Handbook 2019 is 2 books instead of 1


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